Rejuvenation Station

June 20, 2011

For some reason my schedule has seemed more jam packed than normal and I was looking forward to this weekend more than a 20-something adjusting her first job in the real world.  Especially because I knew the weekend included meeting one of my favorite blogger friends Shopping the Closet and a little trip to Maine.

I “met” (and by met I mean found in the blog-o world) Eleanor from Shopping the Closet about a year and a half ago via our mutual love of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and an Atlantis Home link.  Ever since then I have adored following her daily fashion posts and personal style.  As someone who much prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of one, I admire and envy Eleanor’s bravery and constantly creative style.  Not to mention Eleanor works her butt off in the fashion world, has a beautiful home, husband, two children and a super cool, former punk rocker life.  Basically she rocks all around.  It was a such a fun pleasure for me to finally get to meet her in person, as she and her daughter carved off a little family vacation time in Boston to have dinner with me.

I had to show off my adopted city and opted to make reservations and the brand new, fancy-schmancy restaurant, Red Lantern.  The decor and atmosphere came highly recommended by my studio mate Erin Gates, and it did not disappoint.


Gorgeous atmosphere and gorgeous filet.  (I was too busy chatting and eating to take more decor photos but believe me, it is perfection.)


Ryan attempting to eat the massive beef and veggies dish.


Street Style shots on Newbury with Eleanor and her darling daughter, Ryan


Ryan, tried out my big SLR with some impressive results.  Do I spy a future photographer?


It is always so strange to “meet” someone you kinda already know via the blog world, but I have found it so interesting and so wonderful, especially with Eleanor and her daughter.  The blog world and the wonderful, creative people out there never ceases to amaze me.

Tomorrow…weekend rejuvenation…Maine edition.

2 Responses to “Rejuvenation Station”

  1. The pictures are gorgeous!
    It was such a great night, I look forward to future Boston trips and getting to show you around my own stomping ground next time you are in the area!!!!

  2. AmyK said

    Wow, these pictures are gorgeous! Hooray for a successful blogger meet-up!

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