Summer on Nantucket

June 29, 2011

After living in Boston for almost two years, I am convinced that there is no better place to celebrate summer than New England.  With bright blue skies, the smell of the sea and the sun on your face, those dark, cold January days seem like a distant memory.  I recently took a little jaunt over to Nantucket to photograph, take in a concert and soak up a lot of sun, and I am officially in love.  The history along Nantucket’s cobble stone streets, mixed with a laid back island feel and gorgeous sandy beaches, makes the foggy island one magical place.  It is right up my alley.


Aside from the sun and surf, you get some world class shopping and dinning.  I spied some beautiful Dunes and Duchess candelabras at the gorgeous shop Trillium.

Secret garden walkway to Trillium


I walked up and found all this splendor inside


Another lovely shop,  Belongings.


Back in October, Stacy Kunstel and Michael Parternio let sit in on this photo shoot featured in this month’s New England Home!  A Nantucket full circle for me from my trip in October.


Of course no trip to Nantucket would be complete with out a visit to Cisco Brewers.  They asked me to photograph their new wine tasting room and distillery room.  Wine and vodka…two of my favorite things.


I have said this before, but their bloody mary mix is the best on the planet!


Goodbye Nantucket.  I promise to be back soon.


So after my wonderful Friday night with Eleanor from Shopping the Closet and her daughter Ryan the hubs and I decided to skip all the Bruins Stanely Cup parade madness (over 1 millllllllion people were supposedly there, ugh) and pop up to beautiful, peaceful Maine.  My sister, another Georgia girl who married a New Englander,  has lived in Maine for almost 13 years.  I feel so lucky to have her so close by now, and so lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.

Saturday started out a little overcast, developed into a crazy quick thunderstorm complete with golf ball size hail, and then turned into the most beautiful evening.  We had a delicious dinner at Havana South and then walked around the Old Port.  The Old Port is just that, Portland, Maine’s old colonial, shipping port.  The old warehouses and cobble stone streets are teaming with some of the best restaurants on the east coast, as Portland had become quite the foodie town.  I have found the majority of the restaurants in Portland use as much local food as they can find, even printing from which farms and farmers the food is grown/raised.


Sunday was the most glorious Maine day.  We tooled around on their little boat hopping around to the islands in Casco Bay.  Reading on the beach, antique shopping in tiny island antique shops, eating ice cream and hamburgers…am I 8 or 80?  A bit of both I think.

Rejuvenation Station

June 20, 2011

For some reason my schedule has seemed more jam packed than normal and I was looking forward to this weekend more than a 20-something adjusting her first job in the real world.  Especially because I knew the weekend included meeting one of my favorite blogger friends Shopping the Closet and a little trip to Maine.

I “met” (and by met I mean found in the blog-o world) Eleanor from Shopping the Closet about a year and a half ago via our mutual love of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and an Atlantis Home link.  Ever since then I have adored following her daily fashion posts and personal style.  As someone who much prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of one, I admire and envy Eleanor’s bravery and constantly creative style.  Not to mention Eleanor works her butt off in the fashion world, has a beautiful home, husband, two children and a super cool, former punk rocker life.  Basically she rocks all around.  It was a such a fun pleasure for me to finally get to meet her in person, as she and her daughter carved off a little family vacation time in Boston to have dinner with me.

I had to show off my adopted city and opted to make reservations and the brand new, fancy-schmancy restaurant, Red Lantern.  The decor and atmosphere came highly recommended by my studio mate Erin Gates, and it did not disappoint.


Gorgeous atmosphere and gorgeous filet.  (I was too busy chatting and eating to take more decor photos but believe me, it is perfection.)


Ryan attempting to eat the massive beef and veggies dish.


Street Style shots on Newbury with Eleanor and her darling daughter, Ryan


Ryan, tried out my big SLR with some impressive results.  Do I spy a future photographer?


It is always so strange to “meet” someone you kinda already know via the blog world, but I have found it so interesting and so wonderful, especially with Eleanor and her daughter.  The blog world and the wonderful, creative people out there never ceases to amaze me.

Tomorrow…weekend rejuvenation…Maine edition.

Vitamin Chic!

June 15, 2011

I have had the awesome opportunity to collaborate my photography with the talented stylist, Janine Stafford, on a couple of style pages for Stuff Magazine.  Our first feature hit news stands Tuesday.  Vitamin Chic (such a cute and clever name Janine), went hand in hand with Stuff’s food issue, and what a better way to spruce up your wardrobe for summer with some pops of citrus color.

The Greater Journey

June 13, 2011

I had a long, hot week in Atlanta working on a project, so I was thrilled when my weekend calendar included almost nothing.  Dinner with friends, naps, walks around the city and lots of reading; it was the perfect rainy recovery weekend.  I picked up this book in the airport and have been devouring it.  Written by the same author of, John Adams, which was made into that amazing HBO mini-series, The Greater Journey, is history for sure, but it follows the lives and experiences of individuals being inspired by Paris.  I am in love with it.

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, by David McCullough

“Between 1830 and 1900, hundreds of Americans–many of them future household names like Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain, Samuel Morse, and Harriet Beecher Stowe–migrated to Paris. McCullough shows first how the City of Light affected each of them in turn, and how they helped shape American art, medicine, writing, science, and politics in profound ways when they came back to the United States.”

Just a little morsel

June 8, 2011

Leaving you with a little mallomar morsel, as I am running around like a crazy woman, traveling and working a ton this week.  Mallomar courtesy of Moo…, after a fabulous Friday night dinner with the hubby.


And a cappuccino to go with it.

Summer Lovin’

June 1, 2011

Memorial Day always marks the beginning of summer, sun and beach time.  I love summer with its long days, warm nights and all around laid back feel.  We popped down to one of my favorite places on earth, Sea Island, with some old friends this weekend.  There really is nothing better than old friends, summer, the beach and lots of adult beverages.:)



I cut these hydrangea from the yard at our house.  They were the most perfect hydrangea blooms I have ever seen, in the brightest magenta color.  Not a brown spot, bug bite or single wilted petal.  I miss them…


But oh those summer nights.  I love those summer nights; sitting outside and talking till all hours with friends.


Steve channeling “the most interesting man in the world.”


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