Fashion Photogs Infinity

March 2, 2011

It seems that along with the latest smart phone and Celine bag, a Canon SLR (or street style photographer following you with one) is the must have accessory of the New York, London, Milan, Paris fashion shows this season.  Street style photographers have been exploding en masse over the past few years, with The Sartorialist basically inventing the concept more than 5 years ago (a life time in internet years).  Favorite subjects include models rushing between shows, New York socialites and those fabulous European magazine editors.  Although lately I have noticed another favorite subject, the photographer snapping other photographers.  Kind of an infinity mirror into all the fashion show madness.  I love it!

Tommy Ton, of Jak and Jil blog

This shot is perfection, the floppy hat, the bus in the background, the awesome Canon, everything.  I want to be her.



Scott Schuman, of The Sartorialist.


Seriously, Canon should start sponsoring photographers to shoot outside fashion shows…hey, why not start with me!:)

2 Responses to “Fashion Photogs Infinity”

  1. lisa said

    A great post Sarah!!!
    And as always, such wonderful photographs!

  2. Martini said

    I think Tamu McPherson is in several of these pictures. I love her. I used Honey’s Canon recently and was wowed. have to say though, that I am a Nikon girl through and through, though I still love my Canon AE-1. Maybe one day I’ll go back.

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