Bahamas Bound

March 31, 2011

I leave today for an eight day trip to the Bahamas.  Not just any trip, but a research and collecting trip with the New England Aquarium!  To say that I am excited about this trip is the understatement of the year.  As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a Marine Biologist (that or an artist.)  So much so that my parents even sent me to SCUBA camp in the Florida Keys at the age of 15.  I have been diving ever since and love every minute I get to breath some compressed air.   Lucky for me, as an adult I get to play at being both a marine biologist and an artists!  (Well the artist thing is not so much playing, as really trying to making a living now.)  For the past 4 years or so I have been volunteering at aquariums.  First, at the Georgia Aquarium, where as a volunteer diver I swam with beluga whales, hammerheads and whale sharks.  Now at the New England Aquarium, where I hand feed majestic sea turtles, take care of the Giant Ocean Tank, and will soon be diving.

I firmly believe in the mission of aquariums, to provide research and eduction to the public about our oceans and the animals who inhabit them.  Conservation v. Preservation if you will.  After all, a child who visits an aquarium on a field trip, may fall in love with a penguin or stand in awe at the sight of a narley toothed shark.  That child may one day become a marine biologist, or the very least want to protect the amazing creatures in our oceans and the world in which they live.

So I am off to help the New England Aquarium collect fish for their Bahamian reef exhibit.  We litteraly have a shopping list of the fish we need to collect and bring back.  I also plan on taking a bajillian photos and videos in the hopes of creating a little film or photo journal explaining why aquariums have collecting trips and their importance.  So wish me luck.

Oh, and I cannot promise that I will able to update this blog while I am out to sea.  We will be living on a research vessel and the satellite internet connection is not guaranteed.  Check out previous trip photos and blogs here and here.


Till then here are photos from some of my previous dive trips.  Now, with camera and net in hand…off I go!


Maine.  Even in the chill of early spring, with patches of snow still on the ground Maine is just a gorgeous gorgeous place.  We popped up there last weekend for a little getaway and some TLC from my awesome sister.  The snow is slowly subsiding, the grass has a hint of green indicating spring is on its way, and the coastal paths are finally free of ice.  We made full use of the sunny day, bundled up and headed out for a coastal walk.  Of course all of this must be done with a super cool Maine dog…Jake the Spinone and former Orvis cover dog was happy to oblige.



Have a great weekend everyone!


Gramercy fun

March 24, 2011

I love love love working with Gramercy Fine Linens & Furnishings in Atlanta.  Their store always has the best displays and gift items, not to mention to die for bedding and bed designs that they change constantly.  The other week I had the pleasure photographing their store chalk full of spring linens and goodies.

Here are a few in which to temp you.  They have more up over on their blog too.  Go check it out.

The other week I had the pleasure of photographing the Tibi outlet store. Located on the barrier island of St. Simons, GA, the Tibi outlet is tucked away among the live oaks and Spanish moss of the south Georgia coastline.  Tibi owner and designer, Amy Smilovic, originally hails from the island, making it the perfect location for the Tibi outlet.   Tibi’s look has always been one of graphic prints, saturated color and classic design.  One glance around the island and it is easy to see where Amy got her inspiration for Tibi.

Fortunately for me, I have been going to the beach in this area for years and there is nothing better than throwing on a Tibi dress for a night out, after a day in the sun.  Especially when that Tibi dress can be had for a steal from the Tibi outlet.  Along with in season and post season Tibi collections, the outlet offers one of a kind sample pieces.  With its newly renovated and expanded digs, the Tibi shop on St. Simons Island is hardly an “outlet” style shopping experience.  It is modeled after their chic New York locations, but exudes all the charm and warmth of the island.

The TIBI Outlet



Tibi sales girl, Hays





I scored the coveted utility belt from the previous season…often seen on Olivia Palermo


Tibi girl key chain and Tibi girl Caroline


My awesome sample sale score and the sweet and fun Judy who runs the outlet.


The island, the girls and the shop are so wonderful.  I had a blast photographing them.  I can’t wait to come back with my family at Easter and stock up on some great summer dresses.

Till then Tibi girls…

Tibi Outlet
217 Redfern Village
St. Simons Island, GA 31522
(912) 638-1221


My mom would always say that once we started to feel better as children.  I am beginning to feel better andI am working on a post about a super, fun, little photo shoot I did at the Tibi store in St. Simons Island, GA a week ago.  Right before I hit the wall and got sick.  I will share all the beautiful photos tomorrow.  Thanks for hanging around to see me get better.:)


A new post soon

March 16, 2011

I have lots of amazing stuff in the works I can’t wait to share, but for now I am recovering from a sinus infection.  Stay tuned and give me a day or two to come out of my medicine induced haze.



P.S. Make sure to use some Purell after my virtual hugs and kisses.

A small way to help

March 15, 2011

I had to share this small but significant way to help the people of Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. My studio mate Jennifer Hill is donating the profits from the sale of her Tokyo print from her Places I’ve Never Been series to Doctors Without Borders.  I love the sentiment of this series and the thought that even if you have never been to a place you can still have a love and desire for it.  So if you have $20 to spare, please pop over to her site.

I fell in love with Cisco Brewers this past October when we visited the brewery and winery on a beautiful Nantucket day. (Live music, great drinks, sunshine, Nantucket…what more could your ask for?  I blogged about it here.)  So I was so super excited when I heard the 21st Amendment, one of our favorite neighborhood bar and restaurants, decided to host a special dinner event with Cisco.  Chef Nick prepared a 5-course tasting menu paired with 5 Cisco Brewery beers, and Matt Lambo from Cisco talked about each paring as the courses were served.

My friend Francesca (special event coordinator extraodinaire) asked me to pop by and photograph the event.  I love photographing food.  It is so fun to try and capture the feel, smell and taste of a dish.


So many great brews.


Starting if off with fresh made hot Bavarian pretzels.  Beer and pretzels, just made for each other.



It wouldn’t be New England with out some Chowda


The sliders looked so amazing I almost forgot I was working and grabbed one.


Captian Swain’s Extra Stout paired nicely with the sliders



Fish and Chips, perfectly paired with the Cisco flagship beer, Whale’s Tale Pale Ale



The 21st Amendment


Watching Matt pour The Woods was like watching an artist.






Beautiful pork tenderloin




Fashion Rules Party

March 7, 2011


Last Thursday night I had the fun opportunity to attend the Fashion Rules Party at the Boston Neiman Marcus.  The clever PR people at Neiman Marcus brought together some fashionable Boston biased bloggers and asked them each to curate their dream closet.  I purposely did not bring my camera, as I wanted it to be a night of fun and no work, but I immediately regretted it.  Each vignette/dream closet was so artistically thought out and beautifully displayed.  The bloggers incorporated personal items, inspiration boards and interior design.  The displays were fabulous, so I attempted to capture the night in iPhone photos.


Elements of Style

Of course the über chic Erin Gates of Elements of Style was at the top of their list.  Erin’s picks, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Christian Louboutin…dream closet indeed!



Beyond Boston Chic

I had met Martini of Beyond Boston Chic once before and have followed her blog for ages now.  It was great to see her lovely smiling face again, and her dream closet was gorgeous.


The evening also introduced me to some bloggers in which I have not been following.  It is definitely a sign of a good night when you get to meet great new people and find new blogs!


Om Gal

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Pacheco of Om Gal.  Her blog makes me want to run to the nearest yoga class.  The poses she can do are ridiculous!

Gucci and the Boston Marathon, this yogi is such an inspirational rock star.


Other beautiful vignettes

I think this was Alli Achtmeyer of Style Alli, but I am not sure…I loved it none the less.


Sequins and breton stripes, two of my most favorite things!  Oh and in the background, some of the remnants of the delicious (but VERY strong) martinis they were serving up.


Love the old photos.  Moms are such style icons.


Eric Levin — founder of Elevin Studios


I don’t know if other Neiman Marcus store did this but, hurrah for the Boston store for highlighting the creative talent of Boston bloggers and creating a fun night around them.  How can you beat, martinis, luxury designers and blogging.  I know I can’t think of better evening.

Fashion Photogs Infinity

March 2, 2011

It seems that along with the latest smart phone and Celine bag, a Canon SLR (or street style photographer following you with one) is the must have accessory of the New York, London, Milan, Paris fashion shows this season.  Street style photographers have been exploding en masse over the past few years, with The Sartorialist basically inventing the concept more than 5 years ago (a life time in internet years).  Favorite subjects include models rushing between shows, New York socialites and those fabulous European magazine editors.  Although lately I have noticed another favorite subject, the photographer snapping other photographers.  Kind of an infinity mirror into all the fashion show madness.  I love it!

Tommy Ton, of Jak and Jil blog

This shot is perfection, the floppy hat, the bus in the background, the awesome Canon, everything.  I want to be her.



Scott Schuman, of The Sartorialist.


Seriously, Canon should start sponsoring photographers to shoot outside fashion shows…hey, why not start with me!:)


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