Winter Wonderland Weekend

February 23, 2011

Our weekend in Vermont last weekend, was a blissful and peaceful as I had hoped it would be.  The rolling hills and mountains, the clean country air, the darling town of Woodstock; it all just makes me want to run away, by a little farm and raise chickens or something.


Vermont State of Mind



Local bakery and coffee shop

Because as Liz Lemon would say it’s “all about fair trade and local artisans and staying green.” (Steve and I could not stop saying this all weekend :))



We skied, we snowmobiled, and drove the little back country roads.


My little Georgia Jeep did surprisingly well.


We of course made sure to spend some time by the fire with a glass or two of wine.



I have so many more photographs from the darling Blue Horse Inn, which I am still editing.  More Vermont tomorrow or Friday, but for now…

See you soon Vermont.

4 Responses to “Winter Wonderland Weekend”

  1. Helen Curry said

    Chickens? :)

  2. cecilia said

    Are you planning on selling any of these photos? They’re beautiful! Love the first one of the red barn and blue sky – and the covered bridge in Woodstock.

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