Spring…don’t even think about it

February 10, 2011

It is not spring here in New England…not even close, as I am told by my more seasoned Bostonian husband.  So instead of torturing myself by looking at spring clothes and pictures of grass and flowers I have decided to immerse my self in inspirational images of winter.  There is still some much beauty to be had with the winter light and bright white snow, and if I am to be a New Englander I better embrace it.

These images by the immensely talented and uber-cook La Tartine Gourmande are keeping me sane in these frigid temps.


That and the fact that we have a winter wonderland trip planed for next weekend to beautiful Woodstock, VT.  We are staying at the darling Blue Horse Inn run by fellow southern girls turned New Englanders, Anna and Keri.  I can’t wait to tackle to slopes of Killington, explore the streets of Woodstock and nestle in by the fire with a glass of wine.

Images from Blue Horse Inn blog


2 Responses to “Spring…don’t even think about it”

  1. I love that blog! Those photos, that food…
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I must live vicariously through my well traveled Bostonian friend…geez, you got the life!😉

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