Art for the soul

February 8, 2011

It pains me to think how long it has been since I was last in a museum (my honeymoon over a year ago, I think), so this past weekend I made a date with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  The afternoon provided some much needed me time, where I just wandered from gallery to gallery.  I could let the art history major, nerd in me wax on about each piece I saw, but I think I will just share some images of what inspired me.






Serene Sculpture




Troubled Sculpture

This piece is terrifying and fascinating all at once.




Field note sketch book.


Georgia O’Keefe


Animal & human inspiration










I want a jacket with a sleeve like this…designers…please.


I spy a Missoni print!  Who knew the colonialist were so on trend and clearly not worried about copyright laws.


More beautiful graphic patterns

Love this color combination of green, orange, blue and white.

Ink blots folded to create symmetrical pattern.  Love, love, love this.



Woven rug.


Inlaid ivory on a chest


Chinoiserie wall paper in the Art of the America’s Federal gallery


2 Responses to “Art for the soul”

  1. anne keane said

    great photos – love the mfa.
    too funny about the Missoni print!

  2. […] of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with my pal/studio mate/photog Sarah Winchester (see pictures here from our visit). I had not been in years and I was SO inspired by the new Art of America’s wing, […]

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