High Gloss Launch Party Photos

February 3, 2011

The High Gloss launch party was held at a beautiful home in the Upper East Side, a perfect match to the aesthetic and feel of the premier issue.  The evening was filled with laughter, food, cocktails, wine and some of the most fashionably fun people I have ever seen.


Glamour glamour everywhere

The beautiful designer Amanda Pearl







High Gloss Editor and Elements of Style author, Erin Gates and co-anchor for “Weekend Today in New York” Erika Tarantal


High Gloss Editor Shannon Wollack



Amanda Pearl and her adorable husband



I was so excited to meet the super talented photographer Jamie Beck, author of From Me to You


The awesome PR girls from TIBI decked out in their TIBI best.



“High Gloss orange” everywhere


10 Responses to “High Gloss Launch Party Photos”

  1. Eleanor said

    Can we switch lives…just for one day?
    The travel, the glamourous hobnobbing, I want to be Sarah Winchester when I grow up.

    P.S. Love the new header ~ I noticed your ad in High Gloss and love it as a header too!

  2. Gorgeous photos Sarah! It looks like it was a very glam party!

  3. domestikatedlife said

    Such fashionable guests!

  4. […] Here are some great little snippets of the fashion and florals from the High Gloss launch party by my pal and photog Sarah Winchester. […]

  5. Jessie said

    Beautiful pictures Sarah! You are quite a talent!! xo

  6. callie said

    gorgeous photos!! looks like a fabulous party, for sure. and i LOVE the tibi fashions.

  7. lisa said

    What an exciting event Sarah!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Such fun photos! You really captured the character of the evening and how funny, you got me! I had such a great time meeting you and knowing I have someone to turn to up north that knows a thing or two about getting married down south!

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