Busy Bee

January 31, 2011

Sorry I have been a little quite over past few days.  I have been a busy busy bee preparing my new studio and even shooting in it already.  I love love love the space and am seeing it beginning to evolve.  Here are some images I keep looking at to keep me inspired and not overwhelmed.  Granted these spaces are way beyond what my little space is, but I feel like I have my own little bit of studio heaven…


Atlanta-based photographer Rob Brinson loft studio in the King Plow Art Center.  Images from Design Sponge.


Furniture designer Fitzhugh Karol and jewelry designer Lindsey Caleo’s Brooklyn brownstone. Photos: Elements of Style


Insiration/project board…this will be in my furture. From the home of Oprah producer Ellen Rakieten, designed by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle.  Photo from: Elements of Style


My super husband spent all Sunday with me, braving the aisle of Ikea and helping me put together all of my purchases.  He seriously gets husband of the year for this one, especially considering he had never set foot in an Ikea prior.  I briefed him on the Ikea 411, had a specific list in hand and got there right as the doors opened in hopes of minimizing any Ikea trauma.  Two hours later (30 min of which included us losing each other), we loaded up Lady Liberty (my little Jeep Liberty) with our haul.


Three hours after that we were pooped, but had made some real progress on the studio.  It is beginning to look like a proper space.  Super husband to the rescue!




2 Responses to “Busy Bee”

  1. Eleanor said

    Looking good!
    I am in love with the chair…..HOT!

    Just saw your tweets about my avatar….go right ahead! I can never figure it out! lol

  2. cecilia said

    I love the rustic elements in all of those inspiration photos. But agree with Eleanor….love your chair!

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