Coming home

January 20, 2011

I am finally home after a week in Las Vegas and 5 days in Orlando and I couldn’t be happier or more drained.  I normally try to not get too mean or bratty on this blog…that is not what it is for, but I have to say it: I hate Las Vegas.  Yes I am sure the fact that I only go there for work and I usually have to be there for a week at a time doesn’t help, but every year it gets to me.  The canned air in the hotels and casinos, the fake pirate ships, castles and cities, the obsession with money and people expecting you to dish out cash for every minor effort when really they are just doing their job, it all just brings me down.  So it is not until these annual January work trips to Las Vegas are complete, I really feel my 2011 can begin.  In an effort to not dwell on the stresses of the past week and to kick off my creative new year, I am done venting…that is all.  Vegas is done and I am home.

Here is an image that makes me feel fresh, inspired and happy.


Snow. Oslo, Pradip Malde


Many more wonderful posts on the horizon, but tonight; hubby, wine, fire, kitty and bed.  Hurrah!

2 Responses to “Coming home”

  1. Delishhh said

    OMG so glad i have found someone else that feel the say way about Vegas. I also used to go there a lot for work and hated it. I really just like you hated everything about it. BUT then a year ago or so my husband told we should just go away on a weekend to Vegas for fun. I really didn’t want to go, but said why not. And all i did was do the spa, lay out at the pool and that was the first time i actually enjoyed Vegas. So for fun it is actually ok but for work it sucks!

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