Studio space!

January 14, 2011

I am beyond excited that as of Feburary 1st, I will be sharing some studio space!  I have loved my little home office, but I am bursting at the seams.  My new space will not only allow for more work space and storage, but even some shooting space!  I can hardly believe it, a photo studio?!?!  I will be sharing with the uber-talented and fabulously cool Erin Gates of Elements of Style and Element Interiors, and so as I am enroute to Las Vegas for another week of trade show fun, I can’t help but mentally decorate my new studio.  (After all, I need to bring my design A-game to hang with Erin :))


Creative juices

Work area


Furniture thoughts

Another one of the chair…from the Craigslist ad


The other side of the studio will be set up with my seamless and shooting area.  I promise to post more photos as it progresses.  Now I just have to get through a week in Las Vegas and I can start making this a reality!

5 Responses to “Studio space!”

  1. YAY!! How exciting for you! Can I visit and than we can do lunch at Sportello?! Congrats!

    • Sarah Winchester said

      Absolutelyy. I have a feeling I should invest in some Barbra Lynch stock, I’ll be going there so much now.:)

  2. anne keane said

    oh how fun and exciting. love the clean and fresh ideas!

  3. Christine Westermann said

    Congrats! Can’t wait to come visit!!!

  4. BusiChic said

    oh! I need to set up an office space too – so thank you for your immensely helpful diagrams! nice storage solutions and great work on the chair!

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