The Island of Nantucket

October 14, 2010

This past weekend my husband and another couple friend of ours hopped over to the island of Nantucket.  Now I have lived in Boston just over a year now and have been dying to see Nantucket.  My husband spent many a summers there as a young single guy and it has been on my New England wish list since I moved up here.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  The sheer remoteness and beauty of the island is breath taking while the rich history is fascinating.  Homes dating back to the early 1700’s still stand among sail boats and cobble stone streets, while still exuding that laid back beach community feel.  It was everything and more.  I loved it.



The beaches were beautiful and stretched for miles.  I think we went to about three different ones on each end of the island through out the weekend.


Tom Nevers





Oh my god, puppy! I practically acoustic this family walking down the beach with this adorable puppy


Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge

They let 4-wheel drive permitted vehicles drive to the beaches out in the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge.  It went on for miles and felt like the end of the earth…with a light house there, naturally…this is Nantucket.


We picnicked out there one afternoon and watched groups of harbor seals swim up and down the shore playing and searching for food…and cue perfect movie music.

Wine and cheese on the beach with friends Parastoo and Dave.


Cisco Brewers

Another afternoon we ventured over to the Cicso Brewery, where the not only brew great beer, but wine and vodka all made on Nantucket.


I just love the design of their labels.


The place was jamming that afternoon with outdoor tables live music and three separate little barns for beer, wine and vodka.

Hey wait…I think I see those Eco Products cups.  Yay Cisco Brewers!



We ordered a bloody mary and they offered to use their jalapeno in fused vodka.


It was AMAZING!  Seriously, the best bloody mary I have ever had.  It has that awesome spicy kick with out all the chunks of pepper and horseradish.  They just took their Triple Eight brand vodka (made there), put it in a jar with jalapenos and let it sit for a day or two.  It was perfect.


Then we got a little silly.:)



What a wonderful weekend.  I have to send a super extra thank you to my husband for planning it as a little birthday treat to me.  Thank you so much:)


3 Responses to “The Island of Nantucket”

  1. Eleanor said

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Belated I suppose….thanks alot for giving us the heads up!😉

    As you well know, I have an affinity for New England like no where else I have ever been.
    So naturally I swooned over your gorgeous pics and imagined what an amazing weekend it was!
    And that puppy….seriously?
    How cute is he????

  2. Lisa said

    Nantucket is gorgeous, and you’ve captured it beautifully here.
    Happy Birthday to You Sarah!!

  3. Martini said

    I’ve never been. but it’s on my list.

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