Desert Rose

October 4, 2010

It seems my September, October and November are chock-full of travel and adventure, which of course I love and thrive.  I am writing this from Boulder, Colorado, but more on that later, because I still have my Canyon Ranch, Tuscon, AZ experience to share.

Growing up in the Southeast and living most of my life on the east coast, the landscape and animals of Tuscon, AZ seem like a different planet.  With an almost lush desert landscape, wild animals unlike any on the east coast and mountains jutting up to 9000 ft, it was as if I could feel the age of the land where dinosaurs once walked.  The Canyon Ranch resort itself is one of life’s great indulgences.  Hiking everyday, yoga classes galore, beautiful scenery, blissful treatments and the best food I have ever tasted. (That is good for you too!)  If only I could live like this everyday.


Ventana Canyon


Hiking up


Looking down



Mount Lemon

At 9,157 feet Mount Lemon takes you from the cactus rich desert of Tuscon to an evergreen forest with ferns, pine trees and wild flowers.  The change in terrain is like driving from Mexico to Canada in an hour.  We did a lovely cool hike up there one day, literally in the clouds.


They said on a clear day, you can see over the planes to New Mexico, but our cloud covered day made for some beautifully, spooky silhouettes of trees lost in a fire about 7 years ago.


Full Moon Hike

Some long exposure, night shots from a full moon hike.



Desert Flowers

Who knew the desert was so lush and fruitful.  Prickly Pear cactus yield these bright red fruits.

Blooming from the top of a cactus, these fiery flowers would open in the heat of the day and close up each night.


I truly felt worlds ways from my east coast life and came back feeling rested and renewed like no other vacation.  It was wonderful.

5 Responses to “Desert Rose”

  1. Helen Curry said

    Wow! Amazing! Like a different world!

  2. Lisa said

    This sounds like it was a wonderful time, and these photographs are fantastic!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing!

    I have a chance to go to Scottsdale for a week in May…now you have me thinking I definitely want to go!

  4. Maria said

    I love the prickly pear-picture ! Beautiful colors !

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