Marital Bliss

September 28, 2010

This weekend, after returning from an amazing week a Canyon Ranch, my husband and I celebrated one year of marriage!  I can honestly say it had been the best year of my life.  There had been so much change, moving from Atlanta, starting this blog, working more on freelance photography and design, and so many wonderful travels, adventures and fun. We have an amazing trip planned for the week of Thanksgiving, so we decided to celebrate the actual anniversary day by not making any solid plans.  What ensued way a fabulous fall day of, brunch, bloody marys, football, a little shopping and ended with some amazing blues, dancing and champagne at Beehive.

I certainly re-toxed very quickly after my healthy week at Canyon Ranch.:)



Beehive just exudes cool.  It is in a downstairs setting and has that bohemian, beatnick feel.  The interior and art are amazing art, with even more amazing music playing every night.  Sunday’s are blues night…can you think of a better night for blues to be played?  Of course there was nothing “blue” about our night.  The musicians were so talented and the music and atmosphere was a blast.


I love these old beer mugs.  I think my dad had them when we were growing up.


Dancing the night away with my husband of one year.


4 Responses to “Marital Bliss”

  1. Lisa said

    The pictures from Beehive are great!

  2. congrats!!! Happy Anniversary.

  3. pve said

    happy 1~ we celebrated 23 and it keeps getting better!

    the wood i-phone case, look on-line at miniot – from holland.
    you will love them.

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