September 6, 2010

I am thrilled announce this fabulous giveaway!  Gramercy Home has given me one of their most sought after items and I have the pleasure of giving it to one of my lucky lucky readers.

The Monogram Pillow

The pillow with a cult-like following…100% Natural Linen pillow cover embroidered one of with Gramercy’s bespoke monograms, oversized for a unique accent to your room. Includes pillow cover, insert and monogramming for an a value of over $150!!!


You will be able to choose your monogram style,


and thread color!


Leave a comment below and tell me where you might place such a chic number.  For an additional entry your can retweet the following:

Monogram pillow giveaway @sarah_w_studios

Please make sure to cut and paste the phrase exactly so I can follow it.  I will announce the winner next Monday, September 13th!

Thanks and good luck!


43 Responses to “Giveaway!”

  1. Jennie said

    LOVE this pillow and it would look great in my living room. I just ordered a new couch and a pair of club chairs and need all new pillows…

  2. Natalie said

    My absolute favorite piece of furniture is an old leather club chair with brass nail heads that I snagged at a garage sale. This would be the perfect chic pillow for it!

  3. susan flaherty said

    This pillow is amazing and classic!!!
    I just finished creating a den and home office for my mother. Finally after taking care of everyone (for over 40 years) she has a place just for herself. She was inspired by the fabric, and trims, we choose from Scalamandre and Baranzelli. The palette consists of pale blue/pink /cream/ soft yellows. We created custom build cabinetry for displaying her favorite photographs, small treasures and of course flat screen TV. Highlights of the room include two bergere chairs, a skirted round table, a daybed with framed with lavish pillows (hiding a trundle for the grandchildren to sleep over ). We turned a large walk in cedar closet into a custom office for paper work and her computer. A Gramercy’s bespoke pillow monogramed with my mothers intitals would be lovely final piece to complete this special room!!! I wish Gramercy would open a store in Boston!

  4. Jessica said

    This pillow would look perfect in my yet-to-be-found dream apartment (looking for a place for November if you know of anything good/available then!).

    I’m planning an all-white bedroom, with beautiful white waterfall ruffle curtains and a fluffy white sheepskin rug… This would be a perfect accent piece for my bed as it’s chic and stands out but is still neutral enough to fit in.

  5. dianna said

    though I am far from CHic and stylish these days, I know this pillow would look FABULOUS in our bedroom.. our walls are ‘cowgirl blue’ (ralph lauren, my FAVORITE pain in the world!) and our spread and linens are off white (not really practical with twin 13month olds but was purchased before the bundles arrived or were even created for that matter) it would stand out beautifully on the bed as the babies do not allow for much in the way of ‘decoration’ since they would either eat or knock over mostly everything else we have in the condo.. we have paired down drastically to say the least.


  6. Celeste said

    ooh! this would be lovely on one of our chocolate brown leather couches!

  7. Love this pillow. I think she would feel right at home on my bed! The texture would work nicely with my grass cloth headboard.

  8. lizziefitz said

    I would love that pillow with a navy monogram! We are moving into our new house in two weeks! yippie , it would fabulous in my living room:)

  9. julie said

    Hmmm …. so tempting! I would probably put our initials on it and place it on the chair in the corner of our bedroom. It’s beautiful and I love monograms!

  10. Cindy Nichols said

    So love the pillow and what a fabulous giveaway! It has a cozy chair just waiting for an update:)
    Love the pics of the store items..Lovely things,Cindy N

  11. Me me me…pick me me me!!!!

    Just kidding, although I would love to win one of those and place it on my formal living room sofa. My grandfather insisted I have it when he needed to downsize and move in with my mother.It is a stunning sofa with classic lines.
    The fabric is not exactly my taste, but it is in impeccable condition and would be wasteful to have it recovered.
    Besides…my grandparents lovingly picked it out together, and since we no longer have my Nanny with us,it is a sweet reminder of her that I get to see everyday.

    Thanks Sarah and Gramercy for such a generous giveaway!

  12. amie said

    would love this pillow for the living room! it would probably be the first thing i get to use my upcoming “new” initials on:-)

  13. Fun giveaway! I would love this pillow for my bedroom. As the Gramercy girls and I have talked about, it will be another pillow for my husband to have to worry about. Thanks to Gramercy and you for a great giveaway.

  14. milkandhoneyhome said

    Of course I’ll put it right on our bed!!! Great to find your blog. I’m in Atlanta, too! All the best, Julie

  15. kate said

    Great giveaway! I would pick the navy monogram — love it for my little brown leather chair in my living room.

  16. Tess said

    Great giveaway! I’ve been thinking about getting a monogrammed pillow for me bed for a while now.

  17. Joan Simms said

    Love the mongrammed pillow. I hope I am the lucky winner!

  18. Liz Green said

    Absolutely LOVE this pillow! We are moving into a new house in Atlanta and this would look perfect on our new bed!!

    LOVE Gramercy!

  19. pve said

    Such a chic pillow. I would want one for my bedroom!

  20. Our bedroom… oh, it would be wonderful! Thanks you two for the amazing giveaway!! xx

  21. Christine Westermann said

    Gramercy Home’s pillow would find a perfect home on my bed. I’ve been looking for a linen pillow to monogram in navy for a front and center statement on my bed of beige and blue. I just picked up new linen curtains last week. The pillow would tie the whole room together beautifully. Thank you GH and SW!

  22. Laura said

    Oh heavens, how I heart Gramercy!! I recently got married and this, with my new initials of course, would be perfect for our newly designed family room! Would make it look a little less like a man cave…

  23. Elizabeth said

    Love this pillow & love Gramercy! Such a fabulous store. I am re-doing my master bedroom & this would look great on the new bed!

  24. Elizabeth KS said

    Fingers crossed – and toes too – that we get the new apartment I am dying to call home! And if that happens, wouldn’t this pillow look just beautiful on a light blue chaise in my dreamy new bedroom??

    Thank you so much for the incredibly lovely giveaway!!

  25. Delishhh said

    Love this pillow. We just moved into a new house and starting from a blank canvas since most of our furniture will not fill out new house. This pillow would probably go onto our bed. I would choose the pillow as is, it fits the colors already in the bedroom.

  26. CRC said

    This is so exciting! I just moved into my dream apartment and treated myself (from Craigslist) to new modern couches. This pillow would be a perfect accent to my currently pillow-less couches! They are the focal point of my (soon to be) beautiful living room.

    Sarah, I love your blog. Thanks for this fun giveaway! And, Sept. 13 is my mom’s birthday. Fingers crossed!

  27. Allison Cole said

    The pillow is so fun!! I love anything with a monogram, having grown up in preppy Connecticut. The pillow would look amazing on my couch in my living room. I just graduated from college and I’m in my first “adult” apartment–I’ve done my best decorating it within the budget I have, and I’ve been saving up for and searching for the perfect new throw pillow to go on my couch. In my living room I have navy blue, yellow and kelly green as main colors, so I think a little pop of hot pink from the embroidery would look really cute. Thank you for the give-away and I love your blog!

  28. Helen Jackson said

    I need this pillow on a bench I just purchased for my dining room! What will I do without it!

  29. Now this is a great giveaway! This would be perfect for the bed or chair in my master bedroom!

  30. Michele said

    ooh, definitely in my bedroom! There is the perfect place on my bed, just waiting for it! What a nice giveaway- thanks!

  31. Nicole-Lynn said

    What a generous giveaway! I love the Fancy Monogram Design with the white thread. How classic and lovely would this look on the bed?! I’m getting married in April and I’m obsessed with my soon to be new monogram! If I won, I would put this as an accent pillow on our bed!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Thania Cruz said

    Love that pillow! It would most certainly look good in my living room. I would have to choose a turquoise for the monogram.

  33. This would be a great addition to our master bed! Great giveaway!

  34. Jenell said

    I would like to put that in our new baby’s room. We’d have to come up with a name for sure then!:)

  35. Marilyn said

    We recently moved to a larger house after having 3 teens in our cute, but cramped, starter house. One of the spaces we LOVE most about our new house is our master bedroom, which is down a LONG hall from the kids’ bedrooms. We finally feel like we have a private retreatand are thrilled we are removed from the hustle/bustle of the kids with their TVs, stereos and XBox’s blaring. We carefully decorated the master bedroom to be a calming hide-a-way, using cool pale blue (aqua) and tan as a soothing color palette. We purposefully excluded a TV from our retreat so it was solely for rest and relaxation. I was so excited to finally have the space to include a chair and ottoman to enjoy a cup of coffee/newspaper or a good book in the privacy and solitude. Our room is exactly as I envisioned it, and the monogrammed pillow would be the perfect finishing touch on our chair or bed and to “mark” the space as our adult retreat.

  36. Ann Rabin said

    I love this monogrammed pillow! I would give to my daughter, a designer, that would appreciate the fine workmanship and quality. She has selflessly helped a family member sell his house at a time of need. She would find the perfect spot!

  37. Debbie said

    I would use this beautiful pillow in my master bedroom as the center piece of my group of pillows. If I win it, I might have to consider redoing my bedding!

  38. Jen Borba said

    I love this pillow and the monogram. I just upholstered a lovely antique settee in a creamy linen and this pillow would look perfect. Thank you so much, Jen

  39. Ivey said

    Oh lala! I received a monogram shower curtain for my birthday from Gramercy last year and I LOVE it. I am getting married in a few months, and am in the process to redoing the bedroom – toile won’t cut it when a male will be cohabiting there:). So, I would use this front and center in our NEW room on the king-sized bed!

  40. Carolyn said

    I’d love the pillow in my soon-to-be home office. I am carving a personal space in my home for ME! It will be filled with beautiful, inspiring pieces that make me happy. This pillow would be perfect on my reading chair.

  41. Lauren said

    I would love to put this pillow on the glider in our nursery – we find out if it’s a boy or girl in a couple weeks!

  42. Sonja said

    Since I know you in real life I don’t want to enter for the contest. I just wanted to comment on how I love that you have so many followers now!

    I read every entry, Sarah. Hope you and Steve are well and we would LOVE to see you the next time you are in town.

    Samantha will be one next week and you haven’t met her yet! Big fail on my part.

    Love you!

  43. Gen said

    that is a GORGEOUS pillow and it would definitely take the place of honor on my bed, i would LOVE to win this! :)

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