Escape to the Cape

August 15, 2010

From the looks of some previous blog posts it may seem as if I spend half my time at some sort of beach.  I am quite a water baby so I usually jump at any chance to visit the ocean,  Despite their frequency over the past six months my trips to Sea Island, Maine and Cape Cod have been little more than day or weekend trips, so I was quite excited for my husband and I to take off a few days from work and get in some real relaxing beach time.


Sun, sand, and outdoor showers after a day at the beach.  Can it get better than that?







Quintessential Cape

Some friends of ours lent us their ridiculously adorable quintessential cape house, practically on the beach.  It was heaven.


Tiny backyard cabin/shed/playhouse

This little backyard shed felt right out of a magazine spread.  Can you imagine this as a playhouse or little office?




Veggie Tales

They even have a vegetable garden!

All this space, greenery, fresh air and gardening makes me want to pack it all up and indulge in gorgeous country living…and sunsets like this have me plotting a way for another day or weekend visit soon.


I am sure in a few weeks I will be loving the smell and excitement of Autumn in the city, but for now I am holding on to summer for as long as I can.

3 Responses to “Escape to the Cape”

  1. Me too!

    Stunning pictures that represent the beauty that is New England!

  2. Looks like a great vacay. Love all the pics – makes me just want to jump in that water!

  3. Beth said

    Oh my Gah. I want to go NOW! Looks so wonderfully peaceful (and beachy). Glad you enjoyed it!

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