Mainly – Maine

August 2, 2010

I am so lucky to have my sister live at such close distance, and even more lucky that she lives in such a beautiful place.  We like to joke that I have our city home and she has our country home, but this time of year I find myself wanting to be in my “country home” all the time.  Even when I lived all the way down in Atlanta I would make it up to Maine to see her a few times in the summer.

We had a quick trip this weekend, with a beautiful wedding and rehearsal dinner, and we still found room for a little beach time on Sunday.


Jump Jake!



I was loving these seaweed beds.  The color, the water, everything.


While sitting on the beach I flipped through the new L.L. Bean Signature catalogue.  My sister pointed out that much of it was shot on the cobble stone street of the Old Port in Portland.


This is totally shot at the Porthole!  A wonderful breakfast and lunch place right on the working warf.  Love this place.

I love all these photographs, and the clothes have that timeless, chicness to them.

3 Responses to “Mainly – Maine”

  1. Love Maine. So jealous you are up there. We are melting away down here. I haven’t flipped through my L.L. Bean yet. The pictures you show make it appear that it has upped it’s chic factor tenfold. Hmmm. Must go check it out.

  2. The new LL Bean signature line has been amazing!
    So fashion forward without losing their classic appeal.

    I don’t think I have to tell you how envious I am of you having a sister there.
    I want to be that sister with the country home!!!!
    In fact, in about 3 more years, I just may be!

  3. Jenny B said

    Lovely shots! We have a house in Casco Bay, too, and were at this weekend! I already can’t wait to go back!

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