A Day in Salem

July 26, 2010

I have a lot of projects and chores on my check list for this week and lots of travel in August (some for fun and some for work), so it was nice to just hang around the Boston area this weekend and enjoy my home.  The weather Saturday was just perfect, sunny with a breeze but not too hot or humid.  We hopped on the Salem ferry to explore the old historic town for the day and to get a little witchy.  The boat ride up the north shore was gorgeous boasting lighthouse after light house on the rocky New England coast, and the bonus…we were in Salem in less than an hour!

I am shooting more now that I am 4 weeks post surgery and just had fun playing around this weekend with the camera.  Here are my touristy photos from the weekend.


Salem, MA

Some of the town look unchanged by time.

Except for the stray tourists popping into the shot.:)


Boston Harbor

The perfect vintage wooden boat.  Just look at that old steering wheel!


Gorgeous ride home.


Perfect end to a lovely day.


Now, back to work!

3 Responses to “A Day in Salem”

  1. Mmmmm was that 2 gin and tonics I spied?
    If so, that is my all time favorite drink!
    I have always wanted to bathe in a tub of gin like Miss Hannigan from Annie.
    Or not.

    Been dying to get up there….I hear Salem at Halloween is a real hoot!

  2. LOVE that pic of the water/sky…gorgeous.

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