Brimfield Baby!

July 20, 2010

Well, as I have been talking about for a week, I went to Brimfield!  After a rain delay one day, we then faced hot humid weather.  Yes I know I am from Georgia and I should be able to handle the heat, but the truth is, us Southerners are so use to air conditioning that we have become quite spoiled heat wise.  So with my hat, sunscreen, camera and expert Erin Gates, we tackled row after row of dealers.  What I found was a fair like atmosphere complete with unique people, dogs, carnival food and some amazing treasures (The suit cases above were used as props for the movie Around the World in 80 days…They were pristine.)  Erin posted many of my photos today over at her wildly popular and fun blog, Elements of Style, so much thanks to her for that exposure and welcome to those who have popped over to my blog for the first time.   Welcome.  (You will see many of the same photos from her post, with perhaps a few more…I have a terrible time editing.)

Treasures Galore!

I wonder, what was this eight-sided chest used for?


More chests and beautifully colored seltzer bottles.


Erin’s great grandparents, grandparents and parents all lived in Willimantic, CT, so I grabbed the shot, only later to find that my husband’s father’s side of the family all hail from Willimantic too!  How strange.



Ridiculous telescope, much like the one they have on the front patio of the Chatham Bars Inn.


Gorgeous wooden canoe.


Perfect corner chair.


This awesome paper holder makes me want to open a shop, just so I can use this to wrap up people’s packages.


Beautiful elephant marionette.


Lucite flatware!


More flatware and and cool red and magenta chest.


Blue glassware ready for a garden party.


Collections: So much stuff at Brimfield.  I became mesmerized with the pattern and repetition of things


I am seriously obsessed with this lamp.  Reclaimed architectural wood detail, repurposed for a lamp base!  The faded color!  I want a pair of them in my life.


“Museum of Natural History” type accessories.  These dried shelf fungi were beautiful.


Wine jugs.


I know I have seen these types of old glass buoy as props in various catalogues about 1000 times, but I still love them.


An eyeglass collection that would make Elton John green with envy.


And more vintage clothing and jewelry than I could even look through!


This lion made me think of Judy Aldridge over at Atlantis Home...she would have loved all the jewelry dealers.


And this goat.


I love, love, loved Brimfield.  Despite the crazy heat and sore feet the trip was fabulous fun!  P.S. I have the cards of many of the dealers and will update this post this afternoon with that info.

5 Responses to “Brimfield Baby!”

  1. Seriously drooling right now…especially over that wooden sign, wine jugs, dried fungi, corner chair, and if you need a business partner to justify buying that amazing paper holder, than count me in!

    Pics are gorgeous and now I have to go…next one is in September, right?

  2. stacystyle said

    OMG! So much to see! You took some great shots. I loved seeing the wooden elephant puppet. I actually have something very similar in my own house turned into a lamp. A replica of the lamp you like is being sold at Anthropologie in cast stone. Actually saw it on sale at Chestnut Hill a few weeks back. I would have had to buy the turquoise glasses! Not for me, but to use on shoots this summer!

  3. GORGEOUS! I have major Brimfield envy/lust, and totally agree with Stacy about your amazing shots! I want you to be my guide if I ever get it together to go to the show!

  4. Dani K said

    love these photos sarah! take me with you next time xx

    • sarahwinchester said

      Totally! You would find so much unique stuff for Flock. I can’t wait to go back…preferably when it is not 90+ degrees with humidity:)

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