Little Treasures

July 19, 2010

I am busy editing my 100+ photos from Brimfiled.  As a first time visitor, the place was sensory overload.  There were so many little gems…also a lot of junk, and the challenge of distinguising between the two.  Luckily my friend and interior design maven, Erin Gates, knew her stuff.  She perused row after row of vendor like a pro.  As I soaked it all in, and snapped away.  Check out her post, part I, about the trip here.  I didn’t plan on buying anything big, but I did want to bring home a few little treasures of my own.  I was loving all the 50’s and 60’s vintage jewelry and after a little at home jewelry cleaner they really polished up.

Lucite bangle – very 60’s modern


Faux Ivory bangle with brass clasps – Bohemian cool


Cool multi-stone cocktail ring – such interesting design and details


More Brimfield photos tomorrow.  Happy Monday.

2 Responses to “Little Treasures”

  1. Each piece is a treasure!
    Please please please show me more Brimfield!

  2. Dani K said

    love these photos sarah! take me with you next time xx

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