Cabinet of Curiosities

July 12, 2010


Collecting &  Cataloging

Maybe it is the biologist in me (I began college as a science major), but I love collecting and cataloging things.  Perfect little conch/hermit shells are one of them.  I am by no means a pack rat but there is something about  studying and organizing a collection.  I am fascinated by the different shapes and colors.  I wonder why an animal would choose one shape or the other, or how a shell forms in the first place.  Then the artist in me takes over as I really just like the pretty shells.  It’s really not that deep.


My shell collection


All in a row

These are more rounded in shape with a pointed end (If anyone knows the scientific name I would love help…a Google search did not provide much)


These have little spikes.  (Again, these are VERY scientific descriptions.)


This clam shell is as hard as marble.



I must be in cataloging mode, because I couldn’t resist separating and lining up the flowers I cut this weekend in my family’s yard in the North Carolina mountains.  I decided to make fresh flower arrangements for the dinner table and it turned into a scientific exhibition.  When my husband asked my mom where I was she simply responded…playing in the yard.


Okay, enough with the OCD.

2 Responses to “Cabinet of Curiosities”

  1. I love the collection of shells!
    I have a bunch of gallon ziplocs full of shells that I break out and display in different objects from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
    Whenever you feature something from your home it feels fresh and clean. Edited and luxe. Simple yet elegant.In other words…I heart your style!
    I would love to see a photo of that bureau that vase was on…it looks gorgeous!

  2. sarahwinchester said

    It is in my parents house in Atlanta. It is lovely with distressed painted wood. Don’t know where my mother got it, but I love it too. I’ll shoot it next time I am down there.

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