June 29, 2010

Garden & Gun Magazine

Garden & Gun is by far the sleeper hit of printed magazines these days.  This past weekend, as I was laid up recovering, I flipped through many of my mother’s old issues.  I don’t know how they do it but issue after issue the photography just amazes and inspires me.  Their covers alone are magical.  They are so clean and simple yet always dramatic.  This bi-monthly, Charleston based magazine published it’s debut issue in Spring of 2007, and survived tough times when many magazines were shutting down.  My mother has been a subscriber from the get go and it is the one magazine I have seen everyone in my family enjoy; from my mother and father in Atlanta, to my sister and her husband in Maine, to my brother and his wife in Colorado (and the other one in Washington D.C).  I even gave my in-laws in Maynard, MA a subscription for Christmas and they love it!  The articles run the gamut from equestrian style and interior design to how train your bird dog and best road trip barbeque stops.

I have been saving each issue for fear they might go all Domino Magazine and shut their doors.  With so few GOOD printed magazines left this one is a gem.  They just seem so creative and fun.  Talk about a dream photo gig.



Here are some of my favorite covers.

images from Garden & Gun website and their facebook page.

Many of them were shot by Peter Frank Edwards who is just a wonderful photographer and has a great blog.


Aside from the incredible photography the articles are creative, interesting and even sometimes just fun for fun’s sake


You can even purchase some of the photography found in the magazine as prints on with website store.

That car shot is fabulous, but too bad they don’t have that Bahamas one.  I think that is my favorite.


So if you are looking for some magazine candy and a reason to get excited about the mail again I highly recommend subscribing to this magazine.  In a world where magazines often play is safe and offer the same handful of celebrities on their covers, I am truly always excited to see what Garden & Gun has chosen, and what stories they choose to feature.


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