Secret Gardens

May 21, 2010

As I now find myself living in beautiful, historic Beacon Hill and absolutely loving it, there was no way I was going to miss the Beacon Hill Hidden Gardens tour, held yesterday.  Tucked behind many of the gorgeous brown stones that line Beacon Hill lie private, little garden enclaves and patios; a rare commodity in a bustling , noisy city like Boston.  My hubby and I are lucky enough to over look a garden (someone else’s) from out second story apartment, and I have been dying to see more.  So I bought my ticket online a few weeks ago and headed out during my lunch hour, map in hand, to explore.

Oh my!

I guess everyone had that idea.  There were lines down the block as people waited to crowd into the small gardens and discuss the type of fern and ivy varieties found there.  I decided to head back to my office and wait until later in the day when hopefully the crowds subsided.

5pm – Much more civilized.

While the gardens were lovely, I was much more enamored with the winding walkways, hidden alleys, and potting rooms.  A few of the gardens were only accessible by walking through the glorious homes of Louisburg Square.  Quite a treat for my as I often walk by those homes trying to catch a glimpse inside.

I also loved the American Girl dolls having a tea party.

Now for a relaxing weekend in which I have NO plans!  Hurrah!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Secret Gardens”

  1. dianna said

    once again, you have managed to capture the qualities of this event in a way that makes those that just look at your photos feel as though they were there.. beyond talented!! BTW, we are home from ME so if you and your hubs find yourself strolling tomorrow afternoon, give us a call.. would love to see you both!! xoxo didi

  2. Sarah, your images/photos are just beautiful! We look forward to seeing you when you are back in Atlanta!

  3. Blythe said

    Yay for the American Girls! I love it!!

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