Miss moops (Magnolia) and my desk project were featured over at Desire to Inspire today.  Thank you Desire to Inspire for posting the photo, and my design project.

Magnolia sitting on the desk I made from 3/4″ plywood, cut to fit the bay widow, sanded then coated in white enamel and bracketed in place.  She loves sitting up there looking down at the street below in Beacon Hill, Boston Massachusetts.  Clear chair and sheep skin throw from IKEA, computer from Apple.com and kiity from Atlanta Pet Rescue.

I had a wonderful, fabulous long Memorial weekend.  I hope you all did too.  I can’t wait to share photos.

While we were shooting the Night Falls on Tremont photo shoot, Tim Robishaw (our hair stylist for the shoot) and I took some behind the scenes footage.  I thought a behind the scenes video montage would be a fun added bonus to the photo shoot and I also wanted to work on my Final Cut Pro skills a bit.  New Brahmin posted the video this morning and I wanted to share it as well.  (Plus I figured out how to post videos on my blog!  Yay!)


Missing some friends

May 25, 2010

I slept terrible last night. (I have had sleeping problems since I was a child and they always seem to creep up around the changing of the seasons…spring is rapidly turning into summer here in Boston and my mind is just going, going, going lately)  So as I lay awake in bed last night, into the wee hours of the morning, my mind wandered over many things.  Things like work, my photography, my other work, but after a while it settled on my friends.  There are those friends in life that no matter the distance or how long it has been since you spoke, they have a special place in your heart.  Friends that when you first met them you remember thinking…I always want to know this person.  My husband was one of those friends, as is my friend Rachel Malde.  So this morning (after little to no sleep) I started browsing through her blog.  She is a beautiful photographer, mother of two little boys and married to another photographer, Pradip Malde, whom I have blogged about in the past.  So instead of posting more of my work I wanted to share some of her work.


I just love her moody colors.  So beautiful.

from the Churchill Barrier, Orkney, 2005


from the Ring of Brodgar, Orkney, 2005


Sea Island, GA, 2010


Florence, Viterbo, Cortona, Le forme delle uova, 2010


Gates of Rome, 2010


Red Fiat, Viterbo


Magnolia Monday

May 24, 2010

Magnolia was not very pleased about having to take a bath,

but now she is so soft and smells yummy.

Secret Gardens

May 21, 2010

As I now find myself living in beautiful, historic Beacon Hill and absolutely loving it, there was no way I was going to miss the Beacon Hill Hidden Gardens tour, held yesterday.  Tucked behind many of the gorgeous brown stones that line Beacon Hill lie private, little garden enclaves and patios; a rare commodity in a bustling , noisy city like Boston.  My hubby and I are lucky enough to over look a garden (someone else’s) from out second story apartment, and I have been dying to see more.  So I bought my ticket online a few weeks ago and headed out during my lunch hour, map in hand, to explore.

Oh my!

I guess everyone had that idea.  There were lines down the block as people waited to crowd into the small gardens and discuss the type of fern and ivy varieties found there.  I decided to head back to my office and wait until later in the day when hopefully the crowds subsided.

5pm – Much more civilized.

While the gardens were lovely, I was much more enamored with the winding walkways, hidden alleys, and potting rooms.  A few of the gardens were only accessible by walking through the glorious homes of Louisburg Square.  Quite a treat for my as I often walk by those homes trying to catch a glimpse inside.

I also loved the American Girl dolls having a tea party.

Now for a relaxing weekend in which I have NO plans!  Hurrah!!!!!!

The other weekend one of my dearest friends, Alexandra, got married.  It was the most beautiful, romantic wedding I have ever seen; ceremony in a garden under a tree, dinner at long, family style tables in the grass and dancing under the stars.  It was perfection.  We danced our feet off, laughed till it hurt and celebrated into the night.  I even did the worm on the dance floor! (It is one of my secret talents and I am actually pretty killer at it :))


I designed the invitations as my wedding gift, using warm grays and a sanserif font to reflect the relaxed, garden wedding.

Shawn and Alexandra love to bike so I drew a bicycle built for two as their reply card, and I just love the font I found for their computerized calligraphy.


The wedding was held at the groom’s childhood home in Los Altos Hill, CA in the beautiful garden and barn.  It felt like a movie, and a shot a million photos trying to capture it all.

Continuing with the bicycle theme.

The dinner was delicious.  I think I ate my body weight in the polenta.

As night fell the dancing began.

Then it was time to send the happy couple off into the night.  Sigh.

Best wishes Alexandra and Shawn.  xoxo

As the air changes from that spring smell to summer warmth I can’t help but think of those great nights out with friends when all your want to do is throw on your most rocking outfit and just be outside.  I approached New Brahmin with the idea for a “summer night out” shoot and they were thrilled.  I got to produce and shoot the whole thing, scouting out locations, securing models and hair stylists, while also pulling from their vast resources.  What came about was a photo shoot dream team, and some lovely images.

Styists: Liana Peterson & Janine Stafford
Make-up: Jeannie Vincent 
Hair: Tim Robishaw from Jeffrey  Lyle Salon
Models: Lauren Fredette & Becky Shirazi

I wanted to capture the excitement and relaxed warmth of summer and I really wanted to try my hand at some night photography.  Check out the full, large scale editorial, enhanced with the graphic talents of Miss Jessica Sutton at New Brahmin.


Beauty shots


Other favorites from the shoot

Lauren and Becky are just gorgeous and the whole night was a blast.  Thanks to all who made it possible.

Behind the Scenes

May 17, 2010

Here are a few behind the scenes shoots of a photo shoot I shot last week on Summer fashion.  It was a lot of hard work, from make-up and hair until the final shot took about 8 hours, but the clothes looked gorgeous and our models Lauren and Becky are just beautiful and were a dream to work with.

I’ll write a larger post once the photos are published (It should be coming out tomorrow), but for now take a peek at what happened “off camera.”


Racks of gorgeous clothes


Shoes, glorious shoes!


A little hair help from our wonderful hair stylist Tim Robishaw


Needing some styling from Janine Stafford

Those were just one of 6 looks!  So much more to share.  Can’t wait.

Magnolia Monday

May 10, 2010

Just another Monday.

*le sigh


May 4, 2010

The nail beauty editorial is up over at New Brahmin and I loved what Jessica Sutton did with the graphics for the shoot.  Between Jessica’s graphics and layout, Jeannie Vincent’s nail designs and Victoria Master’s fabulous energy, the shoot was above and beyond what I had envisioned.  Working with such a fun, talented group of people is so inspiring!  Thanks ladies.

Here is the editorial, but go over to New Brahmin to see the large slide show.



Nail colors: American Apparel Passport Blue, Color Club Art Club in White


Nail colors: Sephora by OPI What's a Tire Jack? Matte, China Glaze Passion


Nail colors: OPI Mod About You, Konad Special Polish in Dark Purple


Nail Colors: Models Own Purple Grey, Color Club Uptown Girl, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Lavender Cloud


Nail Colors: Sephora by OPI Queen of Everything, Illamasqua Unnatural


Nail Color: LA Girl Disco Brights in Hustle, Sephora by OPI Too Good For Him




Nail Colors: BB Couture Santa Monica Sands, OPI Siberian Nights, Models Own Purple Grey, LA Girl Green



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