Closet Remix – Photoshoot for New Brahmin

March 16, 2010

While planning the head shots for Jessica Sutton, she turned to her stylish friends Liana Peterson and Janine Stafford over at New Brahmin to help her plan a few looks.  Well, they had the great idea to make a “shop your closet” feature out of the two days and I was thrilled to get to shoot a fashion piece along with Jessica’s head shots.  I was also excited to meet additional creative, entrepreneurial, woman in Boston.  Go check out the full article about the two day shoot and styling.

Here are more of my favorites from the shoot.

Photography: Sarah Winchester
Model: Jessica Sutton
Styling: Liana Peterson and Janine Stafford
Make up: Jeannie Vincent







I can’t forget to mention the other fabulous model: Jessica’s Wheaton Terrier, Oscar

Thank you Jessica and everyone over at New Brahmin for a fun day and great blog post on finding treasures already in your closet.

3 Responses to “Closet Remix – Photoshoot for New Brahmin”

  1. Eleanor said

    Absolutely stunning photos!
    I loved this post and her outfit with the jeans is my favorite!

  2. Jessica said

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful day and such beautiful photos. Drinks soon!! xoxoo

  3. Liana said

    Thank you for being amazing! The shots are awesome and it was such fun time. Plus lunch that day was soooo good (I owe you!). Can’t wait to work together again very, very soon.

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