Sorry for the lack of posts.  I am taking an intensive Final Cut Pro editing class, which is amazing, but I am drained after my 10 am – 6 pm class each day.  Final class is tomorrow so I promise a new awesome post soon.  Till then, here is a photo my husband took of me when I would volunteer dive at the Georgia Aquarium.  The place is amazing and I absolutly loved getting to work there.

Me cleaning the tunnel with Steve inside the tunnel taking the photo

Photo by Steve

I am beyond flattered to have my home and photographs featured in Stuff Magazine and Elements of Style, both penned by Erin T. Gates. Erin is an extremely talented interior designer and writer and the fact that her blog often served as inspiration while I was decorating my new home in Boston, makes her feature all the more flattering.  Plus, I got to shoot all the photographs for the pieces.


I am of course psyched the cover of the issue is super cool.  I just love the lime green and brown colors.

Click through for all the photographs in the article and blog post, and a big welcome to new readers who found me though Elements of Style.

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Portrait of a baby.

March 23, 2010


I had a wonderful photo session the other day with this angel and I just had to share her adorableness.  Seriously, my ovaries still hurt.


Thanks to her mom and dad for allowing me to post these.

SPRING! I love you.

March 19, 2010

I think Spring is may favorite time of year.  So bright and hopeful.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

March 17, 2010

Steve’s Guinness from Saturday at Fado’s in Atlanta.  So lovely on it’s green coaster.

While planning the head shots for Jessica Sutton, she turned to her stylish friends Liana Peterson and Janine Stafford over at New Brahmin to help her plan a few looks.  Well, they had the great idea to make a “shop your closet” feature out of the two days and I was thrilled to get to shoot a fashion piece along with Jessica’s head shots.  I was also excited to meet additional creative, entrepreneurial, woman in Boston.  Go check out the full article about the two day shoot and styling.

Here are more of my favorites from the shoot.

Photography: Sarah Winchester
Model: Jessica Sutton
Styling: Liana Peterson and Janine Stafford
Make up: Jeannie Vincent







I can’t forget to mention the other fabulous model: Jessica’s Wheaton Terrier, Oscar

Thank you Jessica and everyone over at New Brahmin for a fun day and great blog post on finding treasures already in your closet.

Hello Joe’s!

March 16, 2010

Last night my husband and I went to the opening of the new Joe’s American Bar and Grill on Newbury Street.  The old Joe’s was located directly across the street from my hubby’s old apartment and to say he was a regular there would be putting it mildly.  The lower bar basically served as his kitchen for the past eight years, so the wonderful people at Joe’s were kind enough to invite us to the lovely private opening they held for the new space.  The new Joe’s is situated one block down on the corner of Newbury and Exeter.  For you old Bostonians…the old TGI Friday’s, but TGI Friday’s it is not!

They basically gutted to whole place exposing the beautiful brick work and stone foundation.  The bistro chairs  by the large glass windows in the upper bar section gave off that Parisian feel…helped in part by the glossy rainy streets.

The upper bar is made of a beautiful butcher block.  I love the rich, grainy wood.

The new menu boasts some wood fire grilled pizzas, and they even offer a gluten free version!!!!!!  I have never seen gluten free pizza on any menu.  This wheat and gluten intolerant girl is in heaven.  I didn’t order one, but the woman beside me did and said it was delicious.  I can’t wait to go back and try one.

But the pièce de résistance is the fully opening glass roof and doors.  We had a sneek peak last night when the rain finally stopped.  I can’t wait to be parked there on a gorgeous spring day watching Newbury Street walk by.

The Dream Team

Bridget, Travis, Denise and Hash.  Photo by Steve Curry

The new space had a mixed feel of street cafe and relaxed open kitchen (a la Napa Valley).  The official opening is tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, and the weather is suppose to be gorgeous.  I think I see a gluten free pizza and a Cider in my near future.

Walk in the Park

March 8, 2010

With almost spring like temperatures here in Boston yesterday I think I spent a total of maybe 2 hours indoors .  My hubby and I spent the day walking around and soaking in the gorgeous weather.  I am warned that Boston could still get another big snow storm, but I quickly dismissed those thoughts.  The day was too wonderful to worry about a silly little thing like a March snow storm.:)


These birch trees by the Charles River were so bright and graphic against the blue bird sky and with no other leaves or foliage in which to compete they seemed to jump out at you. – I know it is a little “student work” to be taking photo of trees, but I couldn’t help myself.


In black and white they seem more winter than spring.


Setting Sail

Steve and I were so inspired that we decided we MUST join the Boston Community Boating.  They even give adult lessons, which this girl definitely needs, although I may wait till it gets a bit warmer.  Still too cold for this Georgia girl.

Head Shots!

March 5, 2010

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing some head shots for Jessica Sutton of Jessica Sutton Graphic Design (The same talented woman who authors the blog Daucus Carota in which I have previously blogged.)  Jessica and I found each other through the wonderful world of the interwebs and I was thrilled when she asked me to do some head shots for her business.  We had a great time shooting one Saturday afternoon and her adorable dog Oscar got to join in on the fun as well.

Here are some of the photos she choose from the shoot.


I think we were able to capture Jessica’s creative and artistic personality and I love how she incorporated some of the photos on her “about” page on her website.


Jessica’s Designs

Jessica describes her design style as “inspired by simplicity, smart uses of color and elegance.”  Her portfolio is vast and very impressive and I was honored to get to work with such a creative, entrepreneurial woman.  Here are some of my favorites of her designs.

The Urban Hound – website design

I love the vivid green and orange colors with the clean white background and brown type, and the darling doggies on each page.

They even to house visits for kitties!  I am going to have to try them for an upcoming trip we have…maybe they can get Magnolia back into shape a bit.  Girlfriend has got some winter hips on her.


Jeannie Vincent Makeup Artistry – logo, website and collateral design

I love that Jeannie’s signature is her logo, and I love the simple white on black thick business card.  Jeannie also did Jessica’s make up for our photo shoot.


Makeup Etc. – logo, collateral and store graphics design

She has even had clients as far reaching as Dubai. (full site coming soon)


I haven’t played with you all in quite some time. I can’t wait!


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