Dreamy Inspiration

January 31, 2010

Since the new year, my travel and work schedule has been on overdrive.  I think that is why I just can’t stop looking at these dreamy photographs.  The light, the colors, the mood, I just crave their promise of spring and daydreams.  “Calgon, take me away.”


The spring 2010 Hermes advertising campaign photographed by Paolo Roversi featuring model Karlie Kloss

Here she looks like Persephone the goddess of spring, with a fabulous Hermes bracelet of course.  (I have been watching the HBO series Rome on all the flights to and from Las Vegas.  Guess I have gods and goddesses on the brain.)

Actually, it looks like she is in Greece even!

Ahhhhhh sleep.  I miss you.

Step into spring with these fabulous shoes…I wish.


I also love these images by photographer Marcelo Gome I found posted the other day on one of my favorite blogs, Daucus Carota.

Daucus Carota is authored by graphic artist Jessica Sutton and the name of her blog is so appropriate.  The Daucus Carota flower or Queen Anne’s lace, as it is often known, has a wild, dream-like quality and so does Jessica.  Go check out her blog and her work.


Even my favorite fashion blogger Sea of Shoes seems engulfed in a winter haze, just dreaming of spring.


Fashion for Spring

Speaking of fashion,  I think the Spring 2010 collection from Proenza Schouler has hit the nail on the head; dreamy and colorful, yet brave.  I want to be this girl for spring…

Photo: Style.com

I have these two Simply Vera by Vera Wang tops that could translate into that Proenza girl perhaps…and at a fraction of the price.


One last image in which to leave you: The view from my hotel room in Vegas this morning with the full moon.

7 Responses to “Dreamy Inspiration”

  1. Eleanor said

    The images you posted are stunning!

    I enjoyed this post immensely.

  2. Jessica said

    Thanks for the shout out!! Hope Vegas is treating you well:)

    PS – I just might have to repost that Hermes pic with the scarf wrapped in her braid… it’s so beautiful!

    • sarahwinchester said

      I know. Isn’t that photo lovely. I have actually been wearing my hair in a braid the past couple days after seeing that photo. Hehe

  3. ThatGirl39 said

    Beautiful Hermes shoes… well beautiful Hermes everything actually. I am getting so impatient for spring now. I embraced Winter back in October and now I’m done with it!

  4. […] to dinner.  Friday night we went to dinner at the Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the hotel.  Since my Hermes post and watching hours upon hours of the HBO series Rome. I have been obsessed with braids. Boston […]

  5. […] Design (The same talented woman who authors the blog Daucus Carota in which I have previously blogged.)  Jessica and I found each other through the wonderful world of the interwebs and I was thrilled […]

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