Haiti: blind architect; Pradip Malde

January 25, 2010

I have not known how to comment on the tragic earthquake that occurred in Haiti almost two weeks ago now, without sounding trite and silly from my comfortable computer, but I wanted to share with you some images from the photographer, Pradip Malde’s series entitled, Haiti: blind architect.  He has traveled to Haiti each summer for the past three years volunteering his time and and taking photographs.  They are beautiful and haunting to say the least.  You can see the entire series and more of his work here.


Haiti: blind architect; Pradip Malde

Madame Denise Remi, before Sunrise, Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2007.

“My daughter’s education is the most important thing.”


Manuelita Perrin. Banana Trees. Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2007


Oil vendor, street side, Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2007.


Madame Edline Pierre, peeling an avocado. Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2007.

Edline and her husband Pierre, trained agronomists, form and nurture their community through various programs run by ORE. Edline is pregnant with their second child. It is avocado season.


Coleb Laforest studying for a college entrance exam. Zanmi Lasante, cange, Haiti. 2007.


Samuel Pierre picking beans. Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2008


Auget and Mariechelie, hanging, playing. Cange, Haiti. 2008


Madame Denis Remi with her bread. Before sunrise. Saut Mathurin, Haiti. 2008


Josef Obensen running an errand with his toy car. Cange, Haiti. 2007.


Thérose Theomas sorting peas. Cange, Haiti. 2009


Learning and memory. School shack at Mornemouton, Haiti. 2009


6:30 AM. Waiting, outpatient clinic. Zanmi Lasante, cange, Haiti. 2009


Carrying food through the playground. School, Zanmi Lasante, Cange, Haiti. 2009


Defunct Photo Studio. Domont, Haiti. 2009


If you are looking for a way to donate to the Haitian disaster the Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response – Haiti Earthquake is a wonderful way.  Habitat for Humanity does some amazing work all around the world and has worked with Haiti for over 26 years. (My husband and I met on a Habitat for Humanity spring break service trip to Kentucky in college.)

One Response to “Haiti: blind architect; Pradip Malde”

  1. Martini said

    Thanks for sharing these. The pictures are wonderful. I have loads of black and white pics from when I was at home in Haiti. Maybe now is as good of a time to print them and share them with the world.

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