Dress in action

January 7, 2010

I really wanted to get some good shots of the Vera Wang dress on New Years Eve to show off its beautiful structure, but these will have to do.  You can kind of see it lovely flower petal like shape to the skirt in the photo below.  I clearly needed some lights and a tripod, but we were traveling and all that camera equipment was not exactly on our New Years packing list.

Steve, photo bombing my mirror shot


Working on

I have been shooting so many dogs and cats lately, I thought they deserved their own post.  I am compiling them mostly from our honeymoon to Spain and our crazy Christmas in Maine with a house full of various family dogs.  Life is just more fun with a cat or dog to whom to talk funny and make you act like a kid.  Here is a little tease…

Sweet Mya – I just love her little freckled nose.

6 Responses to “Dress in action”

  1. Eleanor said

    I love the dress…what a timeless piece you have found and it looks fabulous on you as well!

    I found your blog through Judy Aldridge, and enjoy reading it.

    My husband and I plan on moving to Cape Elizabeth Maine in the not so far off future, so when you have posted pics or discussed, you make my day!

    • sarahwinchester said

      Welcome! So great to have you here. My sister and her husband live in Cape Elizabeth and I just love it there. Winter or Summer it is absolutly beautiful.

  2. Jo said

    that dress looks wicked! it’s cute yet classic!

  3. legalstyle said

    that dress is SO amazing! i’m dying!

  4. Candy said

    The waist detail is just mesmerizing on the dress- great find!

  5. Cindy said

    Oh My! The dress..the freckles!!!

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