Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009

What better way to ring in the new year than with a fabulous party, dress and shoes.  I have a wonderful fun party to go to tonight with my husband and whole family.  It is in the same place we had our wedding reception three months ago with a tent overlooking the ocean and a big fun band.  I plan to dance the night away under the full moon.  (A blue moon to be exact…the second full moon in the month)

Fabulous Vera Wang dress I got at Labels Resale Boutique in Atlanta for a rediculously awesome price.

And these Terry de Haviland wedges I got a few years ago on yoox.com

Have a Happy Happy New Year.  See you in 2010!


Magical Majorca (Mallorca)

December 30, 2009

The island of Majorca was simply magical.  With its aqua blue water, alpine like cliffs, grazing sheep and rolling olive and citrus tree groves , the island felt like 5 worlds in one.



We stayed at the Hotel La Residencia, in the small town of Deià.  The quaint town (they only have 800 permanent residents) is located on the western side of Majorca and served as the perfect quiet honeymoon get away location.  From the city center  you could access dozens of trails and walks through the hills and olive groves.  The only thing that broke the peaceful silence was the sounds of sheep bells ringing through the valley or the church on the hill ringing its bells to indicate the hour.   It was honeymoon bliss at its best.

Model Jump Shots – just like in Vogue



Great cafe

With a cozy fire



The Hotel La Residencia was the perfect honeymoon get away hotel.  It had many amenities, including indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, spa, tennis, wonderful food and impeccable service, but it did not feel too large and resort like.  It was absolutely wonderful, but I will let the photos do the talking.

View from our room

Indoor Pool

Love, love

Ugh!  Just look at that tennis court over looking the ocean.  I am sure my tennis friends in Atlanta are seething with envy:)

Dinner at El Olivo

Portrait of a Husband

Scotch shot (practicing my product shots)


Baked and served in a gorgeous shell.

So wonderful and so sad to leave


Majorca Airport

The Majorca airport was one of those enormous concrete modern airports with glossy floors and stainless steel accents.  It reminded me of a building the people from Wallpaper magazine would just go gaga over, and even though it is not really my taste…I have to admit…in this particular light I thought it was strangely lovely.

Adios Majorca.  I promise to come visit lots. :)

Simply Having…

December 24, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas Time.

I absolutely love Christmas time, so even though we live in a tiny Beacon Hill apartment I insisted upong getting a Christmas tree.  Here are photos of our place all decorted for X-mas.

Bay leaf garland and some greenery; nothing too overboard

I love these John Robshaw stockings I got for a steal on One Kings Lane.

Christmas tree in the bedroom. Due to space issues, we put the tree in the bedroom and I love having it there.  So cozy and festive.

Magnolia waiting for Santa

Merry Christmas Everyone!

V for Victory

December 23, 2009

I have to do a quick post about my alma mater, Villanova University!  Last week my husband and I traveled to Chattanooga, TN to watch the Villanova football team compete for the Division 1, AA National Football Championship, and they won!!!!  My husband was a linebacker during his days at Villanova and I…well I swiped this awesome vintage 80’s cheerleading sweater.  I swear it is about 1000% wool, and so retro fun.

Go Nova!

Here is the university website as well

Real Madrid

December 15, 2009

Madrid was a bit of a blur but it was great to get a little taste of the city.  With it’s narrow medieval streets, stone buildings and beautiful plazas, old Madrid was perfect for just walking around and exploring.


We found this crazy antique shop.  Too bad it was closed for Ciesta, so we just gawked through the windows and snapped some photos.

Crazy Colorful Feather Hats

A Feather Tie!

Sea Urchin Lamp! – Perfect for the summer beach house…hehe


The Prado Museum

The Prado Museum did not disappoint.  The Velasquez’s, Zurbarans, El Grecos and Goyas were a dream to see in real life for this Art History nerd.  I am always so taken with the darkness that exists in a lot of the Spanish painters’ works, especially Goya.  They were haunting.

The museum did not allow photos inside but here we are goofing around outside.

* Good travel note: The museum is free Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm.  We got there around 5:30pm, only to discover this, so we popped over to the Hotel Ritz to have a drink first.  Very beautiful old hotel with a great lobby.


Spain is a great place to walk around at night.  Most businesses stay open until 10pm and most dinner places don’t even get started until then as well.  The historic buildings, palaces and churches are also lit up so beautifully, that staying up late in Spain seems to be required.

Walking around the Palacio Real (The Royal Palace)

Bar Snacks


After the busy cities of Paris and Madrid, we were ready to hit Majorca, and I think I have to say it was the highlight of our honeymoon.  Saving the best for last… next stop Majorca.

Paris part deux

December 12, 2009

Rive Gauche

We stayed in this darling little boutique hotel, Le Champlain Rive Gauche.  It is located right near the Luxembourg Garden on a quiet street in the left bank.  It was perfect, great design, great bathrooms and great price.

Just look at this lobby.

My only critique would be that the sheets could have been a little softer, but the price,  location and bathroom well made up for that minor mediocre amenity.


Shops of the Left Bank

We spent the majority of our second day in Paris just walking around the left bank and popping into all the wonderful shops.  The Parisians certainly know how to do window displays.  I particularly loved this bakery, Gérard Mulot


Yes Please


More goodies

There was also this amazing little candle shop right near the bakery with live parrots in a huge gilded cage in the front window.  Again…only in Paris.


Notre Dame

No trip to Paris would be complete with out the obligatory stop at Notre Dame

The architectural details never cease to amaze.


Le Jules Verne

Probably the one of greatest highlights of our whole honeymoon was dinner at the Eiffel tower at Le Jules Verne. I have to give so much credit to my wonderful husband for booking this dinner and giving us such a magical night.  Being able to just sit and enjoy the Eiffel tower and the city of Paris at 400 ft was beyond amazing, and the food French cuisine at its finest.  I am allergic to wheat and gluten and they were so accommodating that the chef even picked out each coarse for me.

More delicious French sweets


As we ate, drank and laughed our way through Paris, I realized my husband and I would get to come back for the rest of our lives and have these honeymoon memories.  I can’t wait to go back.

Of course, no metropolitan city would be complete without the obligatory Irish Pub.  It cracks me up that you can go almost anywhere in the world and still find your Irish Pub.  Un Guinness s’il vous plaît.

Next stop Madrid!

Ahhhhh Paris!

December 11, 2009

There is nothing like Paris…and Paris on your honeymoon…sigh…it was wonderful.  We spent most of our days walking around, popping into lovely little cafes and just enjoying each other.   The honeymoon haze was in full effect and I just loved it all.


We landed in early in the morning and thankfully our room was ready at 9 am!  We had a fabulous 4 hour nap before venturing our to see the city.

Espresso to help get us going that afternoon

(man I still look Jetlagged but who cares…I was on my honeymoon :))


The Louvre

We got to the Louvre late in the day (which I highly recommend).  We found that people were heading out long before the closing hours suggested and it didn’t seem as crowded as everyone always warns

While the group around the Mona Lisa was still quite large…

…the rest of the museum felt like our own private palace.  It was wonderful.  Adjacent to the Mona Lisa is Veronese’s Wedding at Canna and it is beyond impressive.  It is enormous and has so much other interesting things going on.

Good doggie

Bad kitty.

Spinone Italiano – I think we also spotted a Spinone Italiano dog in one of the many beautiful tapestries.

Doesn’t it look like my sister’s dog Jake?

First glimpse of the Eiffel tower from the Napoleon Apartments in the Richelieu wing.

Great photo by my husband

Fabulous jewelry

Reminds me so much of this gorgeous bracelet my siblings gave me last year for Christmas.  I love it so much.  I even wore it on my wedding day!

We had dinner that night at Café Marly which is located in the Louvre palace complex, just below the dramatic Napoleon Apartments. The restaurant was recommended to us by multiple people, and it did not disappoint.  After walking around the Louve all afternoon the atmosphere and location of the cafe made us feel like royal invited guest.  Well that and the delicious wine.


After dinner, we walked back to our hotel in the Left Bank

This glossy rainy street scene just screams Paris to me.

Oh yes, and the amazing sancerre wine just completed to whole picture.

All of that in just day one.?!?!  Part deux tomorrow, I promise.  Until then…dreaming of Paris.  Bonne nuit

Vintage Spain!

December 7, 2009

Barcelona is without a doubt one of the coolest cities I have every visited.  The level of design in that city is truly beyond anything I have ever seen.  From the logos and fonts used on store fronts to the Gaudi architecture along the Passeig de Gracia.  There is a design and style that is truly unique to Barcelona.  We found some really amazing shops in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona.


Blow by Le Swing

This very cool vintage clothing shop on Calle Doctor Dou.

As Judy at Atlantis Home noted, this coat and jacket belong together…looks like they found each other in Barcelona!

The owner told me these navy blue satin Christian Louboutins were off the runway and never actually produced.  They even had the name “Gisele” written on the inside…I wonder…Too bad I couldn’t zip them over my calf.  Definitely a Cinderella moment more form the Step-Sister’s point of view.

Edward Scissorhand gloves!


Scarf and fabric weaving artisan shop

Love how they display the scarves


Against – MidCentury Furniture

I went nuts in this furniture store.  I guess they are not technically antiques, but to see actual Mid-Century modern pieces and not Design Within Reach reproductions was very fun.

A Barcelona Chair in Barcelona!

Saarinen tulip chair in black

More great displays

You want egg? (inside family joke:) )

Lovely Ceramics – very Jonathan Adler-esque

Chrome candle holders

We got a few of these fun chrome candle holders.  You can add and stack them in many different configurations.  We figured they were the perfect honeymoon treat.  One we would always have in our home to remind us of our wonderful trip.  The tag said “Nagel”, which I assume was the designer but have not had much luck finding information upon my initial web search.


More Photos of Barcelona

Gaudi Architecture – Casa Milà, or La Pedrera

I can’t believe he was doing this beautiful biomorphic stuff in the early 1900’s.  What a visionary.


We also go to enjoy some time with friends who live in Barcelona.

(L-R) Rodrigo, Steve, Me, Justine, and Avery


Irish Coffee

Lovely Dinner


It was an amazing honeymoon, and that was just Barcelona!  More to come…

Judy Aldridge from Atlantis Home did a post about me yesterday and I seem to have quite a few new readers/viewers on this blog thanks to her link, so welcome!  I hope you all enjoy my blog.

Steve and I had a lovely evening with Judy and her daughter Jane from Sea of Shoes in Paris.  They were in Paris for the Crillon Ball where Jane was making her debut, in Chanel Haute Couture (What a girls dream!!!!!).  We had so much fun chatting about blogging, Paris, shoes and all the excitement surrounding the ball and her Chanel fittings.  (Fortunately Jane’s dad was there as well so Steve did not have to endure shoe talk alone.)

Here is a photo of Jane, Judy and myself.

Our love of shoes

Photos by my husband:)


Judy’s blog Atlantis Home is just a fabulous as her daughter’s.  Like mother, like daughter.  So much style and grace in one gene pool…it doesn’t seem fair.

Her blog mixes personal style with interior design.  Just look at these fabulous photos of her own home design project.  I am in love with the monochromatic color sceme she has going on here.  It feels so warm and fresh.  And the mix of the modern clean lines with antiques is exquisite.  As Tina Fey would say…”I want to go to there.”

Photos from Atlantis Home

Of course her talent doesn’t end there.  Judy also took all those interior shots herself and takes the majority of the photographs you see on Jane’s site, with Jane as the photo editor and Photoshop guru.  Truly a fabulously talented family…oh and did I mention how nice and down to earth they are?


Here are some shots of Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes) the night of the Crillion ball and that gorgeous Chanel Haute Couture dress

Photos from Sea of Shoes

I know many of those photos are familiar to those of you who have popped over to my blog via Judy but I had to post them.  They are just too lovely and inspirational not to.  Up next: my vintage clothing and furniture finds in Spain and then photos galore of our travels.  So stay tuned:)

Honeymoon Bliss

December 3, 2009

Cava (Spanish Champagne), Deià, Mallorca, Hotel La Residencia


I was MIA for over a week because my husband and I were enjoying our belated honeymoon.  We traveled to Paris, Madrid, Mallorca and Barcelona and had the time of our lives.  Each place was so special and different it felt like four trips in one.  We did some touristy things and visited some museums, but mostly we relaxed, ate, drank, and reveled in spending 12 days, just the two of us…oh that, and I took about eleventy-billion photos.  So much to share, but this will have to do for now as I sort through them all and catch up on work.

(Although I am finding that quite difficult as I am still one that honeymoon high.  *sigh)


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