Back in a week!

November 26, 2009

Will be back in a week with tons of new photos and some great stories to share.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Proper Wedding Post!

November 19, 2009


Seeing as my new husband and I are about to jet off on our bleated honeymoon I figured it was time to do a proper wedding post.  The night was so wonderful and amazing and fortunately the photographers at Sea Island Photography were able to capture that feeling.  I could go on for days about each and every photograph, and I love getting to relive the night through the photos.  I hope you enjoy.

All photo credits to Sea Island Photography and a few by new in-law David King.



Dunes, ocean and perfect weather.




We danced all night long with the ocean breeze.  It was magical.


The band (Anita) did a rendition of Minnie the Moocher to rival The Blues Brothers.

“A hidi, hidi, hidi, hi”


Most amazing exit ever.  I didn’t want to leave.

Dad surprised us and arranged for a 1940 Cadillac to take us away.


And then fireworks!!!!  Dad really out did himself

Best night ever!

Flower Shop

November 16, 2009


The other day I passed this new flower shop right on Charles Street in Beacon Hill.  The flowers they had displayed outside were amazing and stopped me in my tracks.  I have no idea what type of flower these beautiful and strange yellow/orange fuzzy things are but they remind of the brush I used in high school chemistry class to clean out the test tubes.  Very cool.  Wouldn’t they make for an amazing Thanksgiving arrangement?




This lovely flower shop’s is Twig.  They have a location in the South End, Back Bay and now Beacon Hill.  I plan on going down there tomorrow to pick up something fun for our table.  We are having a mini Thanksgiving on Friday since we will be in Spain over Thanksgiving…I can’t wait for that.


November 12, 2009


I always have such an amazingly wonderful and relaxing time when I visit Maine.  The ocean, the walks, the November light, my sister’s dog Jake, the wheat-free almond goodies at Scratch Baking, Co. near Willard Beach…everything there is like a beautiful storybook, and it was great fun to have a little girl time with my sister.  She better be careful, with Boston only a 2 1/2 hour drive away I plan on becoming a more frequent visitor.


Willard Beach, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Willard Beachsm


Jake the Spinone

Part muppet, part regal hunting dog, Jake is perhaps the coolest dog I have ever seen.  He is enormous and hilarious and has these human eyes that are so expressive.


Just look at him preening for the camera…



Jake’s across the street neighbor, Pushy the Old English Sheep dog.


Walking Jake at night


To Danforth Cove


So wonderful.  Can’t wait to go back.  *Sigh

Photo Assistant for a Day

November 9, 2009


And what an amazing day it was!

I had the great privilege of assisting The Boston Globe photographer Essdras M. Suarez.  (Remember?!?!  The same wonderfully kind and knowledgeable photographer that helped me out in the photo store.) After meeting Essdrass and looking at his amazing work, I contacted him in the hope he might need some help.

To my luck and surprise…he did!  I assisted Essdras on the photo shoot of New England Patriots defensive linemen, Jarvis Green.  He was shooting Jarvis for a Boston Globe feature about the 25 Most Stylish Bostonians.

To have the opportunity to work with Essdras and all of his fabulous camera and lighting equipment was such a wonderful experience.  I was in complete awe of how he could walk into a never before seen space, direct me in setting up the lighting and create the amazing orange glow and intimate feeling you see below.  Just beautiful.

Picture 1

Photo: Essdras Suarez, The Boston Globe


Also photographed by Essdras (but not on the day I was assisting him), is one of my favorite interior design bloggers, Erin Gates of Elements of Style. I stumbled upon her blog one day when googling “Boston style blogs” (after realizing finding the love of my life also meant a move to Boston).  You must check out her blog.  It is fresh, fun and offers a ton of fabulous design ideas.

Picture 3

Photo: Essdras Suarez, The Boston Globe

Also go check out the rest of the photos Essdras took for the 25 Most Stylish.

Magnolia Monday

November 9, 2009


Showdown – Magnolia vs. squirrel


My money is on the squirrel.  Look at the determination in his eyes.

This past weekend I did lots of shooting, in and around Boston.  Beacon Hill, graveyards, Bruins game, Halloween festivities and a trip down to the south shore.  My photos are all kind of all over the place, but it was a great weekend to shoot.  I would love your thoughts and feed back on the shots.  Let me know what you think…the good and not so good.


Eve of Halloween, walking around Beacon Hill

Beautiful and festive window boxes

I am learning fabulous window boxes are a Beacon Hill must!



Halloween decorations


Picturesque streets


Street closings

The streets of Beacon Hill are closed to cars from 5-9pm on Halloween and the place is just teaming with families trick or treating.  As our friend described the scene…it is Mardi Gras for children.  So true.



The Boston Public Garden




Eve of Halloween, Ghost Tour

Walking through 200 year old graveyards at night (especially on the eve of Halloween) made for a pretty neat and spooky experience.  Eventhough the night shots were quite challenging, it just makes me want to work on my night shots even more.

Cemetery in the North End



Did you know that the Boston strangler’s last victim lived and was killed in the apartment right above The Paramount on Charles Street?  And I thought they were just known for their delicious omelettes.  We heard that and many other stories of Boston on the Ghost and Gravestones tour.  It was great fun.



We went to the afternoon Bruins hockey game (probably only the 2nd or 3rd hockey game I have been to in my life), and had a great time looking at all the crazy Bruins fans dresses up for Halloween…and perhaps some dressed as the would for any Bruins game.

Pucks & Prada’s


With the outside temperature reaching the mid 70’s my Prada wedges had a nice time at the game too.  I got them at my favorite consignment shops in Atlanta, Labels Resale Boutique.  I have gotten some ridiculous finds there.


On Beacon Hill

The streets were packed and the decorations, out of this world.  A group of us walked around with dogs, babies and wine to take in the scene.

Perfect time to practice night shots.





All Saints’ Day – Cohasset

The next day my hubby and I took a drive down to Cohasset to see the south shore and visit with some of his family.  The drive was lovely and Cohasset is this ridiculously picturesque Massachusetts coastal town.

Darling bistro and place for lunch, The Red Lion Inn and Restaurant.


Food shots



Seriously, this town is out of a movie, “Cue vintage, orange, VW bus.”



Harbor and beach





Sea Dog



Whew.  Enough for now.  Off to Maine this weekend to visit my sister and shoot, shoot, shoot.  It is so beautiful up there.


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