October 19, 2009

Much is happening over at the Jeffrey Lyle Salon.

Signs are going up, walls are coming down and the new

Jeffrey Lyle Salon Web Site has launched!

JeffreyLyleSalon_GlassEntranceSign_2009_10_1 (1 of 1)

It is so exciting to see the virtual home of the new Jeffrey Lyle Salon up and running.  I designed the site to reflect the clean and sophisticated feel of Jeffrey’s over all vision, while pulling from the inspiration board used in the development of the logo.

Working on this project and with Jeffrey has been such an amazing creative experience, from meeting Jeffrey and hearing about his aesthetics and vision to meeting the rest of the Jeffrey Lyle Salon team and working on the logo, website, photography. It has been a dream to have so much creative input from top to bottom. Along with the design of the logo and website, I contributed some of the photography and copy writing. Please go over to the site, check it out and let me know what you think.


Home Page



Some of the other pages







One Response to “JEFFREY LYLE SALON update!”

  1. Love your writing style Keep em coming I look forward to more!

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