Happy Halloween…almost

October 30, 2009


It was a busy week this week, so I am so excited to be staying in Boston for the weekend.  We have some fun Halloween stuff planned and also lots of relaxing and enjoying Boston in the Fall.  They really go all out here.  The decorations, the colors, the crisp air and smell of leaves, Fall is New England’s time to shine.  Growing up in the south, spring was the season bursting with color, so it is fun to embrace the fall.


Hordes of Gourds

Look at these amazing gourds I found at the little market down the street.


They are almost alien with all their warts and growths, and the saturated shades of orange, yellow and green are to die for.





View from my back windows





In Pennsylvania last weekend

A sea of yellow.



We are going on the Boston Ghost Tour tonight (Spooooooky!) and spending Halloween afternoon and evening in Beacon Hill with friends.  It is suppose to be great fun.  Apparently the neighborhood becomes one big block party with the streets closed to cars and trick or treaters everywhere.  Can’t wait.

New Camera Lenses

October 26, 2009

For my birthday my parents gave me a very lovely check which I immediately took to Calumet Photographics.  I would go to their Chicago store when I was in graduate school all the time and was psyched to see they had a store in Cambridge, MA, so I hopped in Lady Liberty and headed over the Longfellow bridge over to Cambridge.

I have been using the Cannon Zoom 24-105mm f/4L IS USM for about 4 years now and have found it extremely versatile, especially for construction photography needing a wide range or zoom options, but I was ready to expand.  I was looking for a lens that would allow me to create more macro shots and would allow me to play more with dimension, and went into Calumet ready to play and try out some lenses.  I won’t bore you with too many unneeded details but I got overwhelmed fast and a very kind fellow customer started chatting with me and recommended I try a 60mm f/2.8 Macro or a 35mm f/2.  I loved them both!  I could adjust focus on object mere inches away from one another.  I decided to take both!  A very happy birthday to me indeed!

As I was leaving I asked this kind customer for his business card, so I could check out some of his work.  (Not to judge a book by its cover but from the looks of his camera equipment, this guy knew what he was doing, and I wanted to see what he was creating with it all)  I looked down at the business card and my eyes popped…a photojournalist for The Boston Globe!


I rushed home to look at his website, Essdras M. Suarez, and found the most beautiful and inspirational photographs.  I don’t want to infringe on any copyrite issues by posting images on my blog, but you must go to his website and see for yourself.  The breadth and range of his work is astounding.  There is also a great slideshow of his work on The Boston Globe site.  His travel photos are of course my favorite.  He seems to be able to effortlessly combine the most amazing light and composition.


Nothing special but having fun playing with my new lenses

On my street



In the Public Garden

In the Garden


With Magnolia



Student work for sure, but so exciting to feel like a student again.


October 19, 2009

Much is happening over at the Jeffrey Lyle Salon.

Signs are going up, walls are coming down and the new

Jeffrey Lyle Salon Web Site has launched!

JeffreyLyleSalon_GlassEntranceSign_2009_10_1 (1 of 1)

It is so exciting to see the virtual home of the new Jeffrey Lyle Salon up and running.  I designed the site to reflect the clean and sophisticated feel of Jeffrey’s over all vision, while pulling from the inspiration board used in the development of the logo.

Working on this project and with Jeffrey has been such an amazing creative experience, from meeting Jeffrey and hearing about his aesthetics and vision to meeting the rest of the Jeffrey Lyle Salon team and working on the logo, website, photography. It has been a dream to have so much creative input from top to bottom. Along with the design of the logo and website, I contributed some of the photography and copy writing. Please go over to the site, check it out and let me know what you think.


Home Page



Some of the other pages







Birthday Bowling

October 14, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday and the first night of the bowling league we joined.  Neither one of us has ever done anything like that.  In fact I can think of maybe one time in the past 10 years I have been bowling, but we figured it would be a fun way to meet new people in the city…so we celebrated my birthday night with some beer (wine for me), bowling and fun.

The bowling alley, Lucky Strike Lanes, was hardly a bowling alley in the old traditional sense of smokey lanes and waterdowned beer.  It was more of a rockabilly lounge with cool art on the walls and digital art displayed over the lanes.


My husband with the fabulous form…who knew

Steve Bowling

Photo by me


Some of the art

Brian Raszka | http://www.brianraszka.com



Heather Tiegs

Heather Tiegs


Liz Wolfe | http://www.lizwolfe.com




Gottfried Helnwein | http://www.helnwein.com

Picture 14


The other evening I ventured over to the blog, Sea of Shoes, and I am officially obsessed.  The author is Jane Aldridge, a 17 year old from outside of Dallas, TX who posts images of her amazing shoe collection, styling ideas, and inspirations.  I guess I am a bit behind on my “discovery” of Jane and her blog, as the fashion world is already gaga.  Style.com even did a profile on this stylish teenager back in February.  (Guess I was too busy being blissfully engaged and all to notice.)

Needless to say, the girl has got some amazing style, and a wardrobe to envy.  She is also a fun and creative photographer.  Jane and her mother shoot most of the photos posted on the blog and even construct different “sets” at their home in which to shoot.  I spent all evening reading her entire blog.  (Thankfully my new hubby had a business dinner, so he didn’t feel neglected.)

Her mother, former model and fashionphile herself, has an amazing blog as well, but more on that in another post.  Too much to digest in just one.


Some of her amazing style.



kfgkdfhk –   kkkkkkkkiii




Some of the “sets” she creates.




Rick Owens coat that I have too!

The thought of getting to wear it actually has me excited for Boston cool weather…did I really just say that?

DSC_0831 –  DSC_0815


Crazy cool Christopher Kane gorilla dress.


Photo by Bret Sano


Adorable inspiration drawing



Yes it is crazy that a 17 year old has a designer collection to rival most fashion editors, but she is so selective and genuine in her style that I just love her.  She isn’t buying a piece because of the label…she truly loves the art, design and construction that goes into it.  Therefore her look at fashion and wardrobe choices are rarely boring and always unique.

Irving Penn

October 8, 2009

I have to pay tribute to the great photographer Irving Penn who died yesterday at age 92.  He was an amazing photographer whose life’s work includes portraits, still lifes, platinum/palladium prints, and fashion spreads for magazines like Vogue and Bazaar.  When I was taking an alternative printing/large format photography class in the summer of 2002 at the Art Institute of Chicago, Pradip Malde, my professor at the time and now good friend, had the photography department pull some of Penn’s stunning platinum/palladium prints form their off exhibit collection.  Our class of 15 or so got to view and discuss these prints up close and personal; no glass frames or crowded gallery.  It was quite an amazing experience.  Many of you know my love for platinum/palladium prints and the exquisite detail this form of photographic printing allows, so naturally I am drawn to Penn’s platinum prints.

Some of my favorite Irving Penn Photographs

Cuzco Childern

Cuzco Children, Cuzco, Peru, 1948 – Art Institute of Chicago


Three Asaro Mud Men

Three Asaro Mud Men, New Guinea, 1970 – Art Institute of Chicago



Picasso at La Californie, Cannes, France, 1957 – Art Institute of Chicago



Jerome Liebling – ‘Butterfly Boy’ – 1949, Yale University



The Hand of Miles Davis, New York, 1986 – The Art Institute of Chicago



Woman in Palace (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), Marrakech, Morocco, 1951 – The Art Institute of Chicago



Harlequin Dress (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), New York, 1950 – The Art Institute of Chicago

*Note: many of these images are also at other museums or collections, but I credited where I found the information.


Irving Penn Book

While walking around Harvard Square last night with my hubby, I had to pop into the Harvard Book Store and look for an Irving Penn book.   We picked up a new book of his work just published by the John Paul Getty Museum, Irving Penn: Small Trades by Virginia Heckert and Anne Lacoste.  Amazon says is comes out October 15…guess Harvard got an advanced copy…what great luck.  I have only just begun to flip through it and am inspired all over again.  It features portraits of workers in 1950 and 1951 in Paris, London and New York dress in their work clothes and carrying the tools of their trade.  Can’t wait to post my favorites.


Photo by me

Boston You’re My Home

October 5, 2009

On our first weekend as a married couple, we enjoyed staying in town and exploring Boston.  Saturday Brunch ended with this amazing chocolate goodness on our table at 75 Chestnut.  Apparently every Saturday they give this chocolate sampler free with your meal…brunch, lunch or dinner.  It was delicious.


L to R: chocolate risotto, chocolate soup, chocolate moose

I am working away on completing the design of the Jeffrey Lyle Salon web site .  With the direction of Jeffrey and programing of Roy Soto we are almost there.  I cannot wait to share my design with you all, but for now this website place holder will act as a little teaser.

More to come soon!



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