Magnolia Monday…

September 14, 2009

My cat Magnolia is not always the most willing model but sometimes the only one I have around when I want to shoot.  Here she is doing some of her best “I am a bored, fabulous, supermodel…now go fetch me some coffee and cigarettes.”


“No seriously…go get them now.”


2 Responses to “Magnolia Monday…”

  1. sioux said

    Hi! I’m an italian blogger from Milano, I discovered your blog through Atlantis of Judy Aldridge. What a pleasant discovery! I really like your style simple and sophisticated, and your photos of the place where you live … it seems you are surrounded by a beautiful world that communicates a lot of serenity and I think I will follow you for a long time … I have a cat very similar to yours, Ciccio, gray with amber eyes … come and see my blog some time if you like! sorry about my terrible English…

    • sarahwinchester said

      Caio! Benvenuto. Ho studiato a Firezze per 6 mesi…10 anni fa

      Needless to say your English is much better than my Italiano. What is your blog address?

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