I’m married!!!!

September 29, 2009

So, I took the week off from blogging to get married!  It was so wonderful and fun and beautiful and exhausting and well, everything!  The girls looked amazing in their J.Crew bridesmaid dresses and the boys looked sharp in their black suits and Vineyard Vines ties.  The food and cakes were delicious.  The band, Anita was beyond amazing, (I swear the soul of Barry White is still alive.  The one member of the band sounded just like him!) and the exit my parents surprised us with was the pis de la resistance to the most perfect evening ever.  Well, that and the sheets at the Cloister at Sea Island where we stayed on our wedding night.  I am in the process of hunting them down, so we can wake-up every morning feeling that same way.  Minus the champagne headache of course.

I will do a full proper wedding post as the photos come in, but in the mean time here are some photos of me and my new husband.  (So great and strange to say that!)


Photos, Maren Hayes (thanks for being the first one to send me photos)

Now back to real work and reality, as we are saving our honeymoon for November.

Boston You’re My Home

September 18, 2009


It was Wild Kingdom in the Boston Public Gardens yesterday.  The sight of a red tailed hawk eating it’s prey atop the equestrian monument of George Washington stopped me and many others in our tracks.  I must have stood there for 15 minutes watching.  George the hawk and the horse all seem to be staring off into the same direction.

Underwater Model

September 17, 2009

My dive buddy and brother always acts as a great model for me underwater.  Here are some fun shots from a live aboard trip we took sailing for a week around the in the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas.




Screen of Branching Coral


Nirvana Baby

(He had these great bright yellow fins so he is always easy to stay with, even in low visibility!)  Now that my fiancé is certified I have a new victim :)  I can’t wait to so some diving on our honeymoon.

Magnolia Monday…

September 14, 2009

My cat Magnolia is not always the most willing model but sometimes the only one I have around when I want to shoot.  Here she is doing some of her best “I am a bored, fabulous, supermodel…now go fetch me some coffee and cigarettes.”


“No seriously…go get them now.”


I am so thrilled to announce the opening of the JEFFREY LYLE SALON!  A few months ago I did some head shots for Jeffrey, and a few weeks ago he contacted me to design a logo and branding strategy for his new salon opening on Newbury Street in Boston.

Jeffrey is one of the most talented hair stylist in Boston (he has won Best of Boston for 5 years in a row now), and certainly the best hair stylist whom I have ever seen.  My friend “got me in to see him” when I first arrived in Boston and I have never been happier with my cut and color, and I have spent some serious time in the salon chair over the years.

Jeffrey’s style is crisp, clean, sophisticated and modern, so I took inspiration from all those mid-century mod, san-serif, metal lettering businesses were so fond of in the 50’s and 60’s.  Very Mad Men with a twist.

My Inspiration Board

JLInspiration Boardsm

We went with a very simple design using Futura font and some 3-D effects.  I think it perfectly reflects the elegant yet modern look Jeffrey wanted and will look amazing when we do the metal lettering for the Salon signage.



I’ll update with more signs and photos as Jeffrey remodels his new salon space!

Cashiers Designer Showhouse

September 8, 2009

Long time no blog, but I promise to get better.

A few weeks ago my fiancé met me down in Atlanta to help drive Lady Liberty (my Jeep) up to Boston.  After 20+ hours of driving, mostly by him, my move to New England was complete!

We had the great fortune of combining the drive with a stop over in gorgeous Cashiers, NC to attend the Cashiers Designer Showhouse opening party with my parents.  I wish I had a better camera on me that night, because it was the most exquisite party I have ever attended, but the iPhone served me well.  The house decorated and showcased was the THE NANCY HANKS HOUSE, in Cashiers, North Carolina, and designers from Atlanta, Ashville and beyond contributed their designs and visions.  The party and showhouse ticket sales go to benefit the Cashiers Historical Society.

(My mom swiped my program so I apologise sincerely that I am not able to give proper credit to the designers.)

The Nancy Hanks House

Picture 5(2)

This little sitting area was gorgeous with the black and white block rug, simply stacked books, traditional chair and sofa, and fun modern art.



I just love these two whimsical table settings.  Like a cabinet of curiosities or botany study.  Elegant indoors and out.




Scenes from the party.

Wish I had taken more, because it was fabulous.  The band, Anita, played late into the evening, whom we were particularly excited to see play as they  will be playing at our wedding in less than three weeks!  They were amazingly fun and extremely talented



I’ll leave you with more North Carolina scenes, courtesy of my fiancé

White Mountain (Love the beer bottle:) )


Chimney Top and 18th hole


And as we approached Boston via I-90 a full rainbow appeared in the sky…Oh, Boston you’re my home…



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