We are on our way back from 5 days in Atlanta.  While not totally springtime there it was a welcomed relief from the Arctic winter we have been experiencing in New England this year.  If you have been following me on Instagram you will have seen our trip began with the gorgeous, big, family wedding of my darling cousin.  Her gown and bridal look rivaled Kate Middleton and for the reception…lets just say, chandeliers capped with giant Spanish moss domes and 80′s cover band!  I must have danced until almost midnight, heels, 6 1/2 months pregnant and all.  It was a blast.  Plus my date was crazy handsome and an amazing dancer.  Makes me realize we need to go to more black-tie events, he looked so good.

(All photos via my iPhone)

Parties galore   WeddingInvitations

Me and my gorgeous date.BlackTiePregnant

Atlanta is also home store mecca with a plethora of amazing home goods and decor shops.  While I didn’t get to go into all of the ones I love, I did pop into two of my favorites.  The first being the chain World Market.  For some reason, World Market has not made its way up to Boston, but you can order online, so I popped into test drive some patio furniture I have been eying online.  I love this store!  Their price point is a little like Ikea and Target, but as the name suggest they designs pull more from around the world.  India, Africa, Asia, with the staples here and there.

It is an amazing go to for cheep summer jewelry and scarves.  Love love love it.

WorldMarket-Scarves WorldMarket-earrings

And they have the best food and wine section.  I love these mini champagne bottles.  Makes me want to drink one with a straw like a model backstage at a Parisian fashion show.


Oh and can’t forget the selection of gummies.  :)


Probably my most favorite home store in Atlanta is BD Jeffries.  They carry some of the most luxe gifts, decor and furniture perfectly displayed and curated.  The store is practically a 3D version of a magazine editorial and always offers amazing inspiration.  Rich and layered, the iPhone photos do not do it justice.  One walk through there and I am psyched to move onto the fun decorating part of my home renovation.  I want EVERYTHING…although I only got some stationary and two throw pillows.

Coffee table and book (hi my hand)


Crazy amazing stool.BDJeffriesAtlanta-13

Fabulous throw pillows.

BDJeffriesAtlanta-12 BDJeffriesAtlanta-11


This vignette was soooooo great.  The photo does not do it justice.  Mirror, table, stools.BDJeffriesAtlanta-9

I was worried my living room was getting too gray and boring.  This vignette had me not as afraid of all grey or natural wood.  As long as it is layered with texture.BDJeffriesAtlanta-8


I LOVE the feet on this little stool.


And this side table/stool was like a piece of sculpture.BDJeffriesAtlanta-5 BDJeffriesAtlanta-4

I liked how they turned this little sofa table credenza into a desk space.  Gives me some ideas.BDJeffriesAtlanta-3

And this tie-dye pillow was so lovely.  Wish it came in grey/black.BDJeffriesAtlanta-2

A photo shoot I did for Shelter Interiors is now up on Style Me Pretty.  Julie from Shelter Interiors has such a great way with adding bold colors and patterns into a traditional mix, with lux surprises here and there like some Hicks Hexagon wallpaper inside a china cabinet or modern photograph in a formal dining room.  This house feels so chic and put together, while totally livable.  I love it.

Here are some from the shoot, but go over to Style Me Pretty for the whole article.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 3.16.00 PM5307bc4714149900x




 5307bc8e17340$!900x  5307bbcb6bbf0$!900x5307bc803ff9f$!900x


Dinner Party

February 17, 2014

The universe had seem hell bent on trying to inhibit any party I have been trying to have in our new home.  We had to cancel our big Christmas Party due to sickness and then this weekend the dinner party we had planned on Saturday was derailed by yet another snow storm.  Fortunately people we able to reschedule for Sunday night and we were finally able to entertain some friends in our new home!

I love being the hostess.  I love being around my friends in my own house, not to mention I get to decorate and use all my lovely things.  I maxed out on the Valentine’s Day theme for this dinner with flowers and candies, but I also tried to use all my own plates, vases, napkins, etc. without buying more things just for this party.  We finally have the space to have all our wedding china and silver, so I broke it out.  Makes me realize I need to do it more often.  Like every weekend.  I love love love me some formal place settings.  Perhaps it is too much Downton Abbey (I now regularly break out my china tea cups for evening herbal tea thanks to Downton) or perhaps it is that southern influence (my mother always said, why do we have all these things if we don’t use them?) but I love it.  Yeah hear that hubby…Friday night dinners on china!  Yay!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day.


Tibi Fall/Winter 2014

February 9, 2014

Corn flower blue, mohair coats, sweaters, skirts and boots you want to cosy into now.  The Tibi girl owns her look and is warm and comfortable while at it.  Perhaps inspired by the nations recent long freezing stretch of winter Tibi offers actual practical winter clothing for Fall/Winter 2014, but with that minimalistic edge that has come to be the signature of recent Tibi.  Throw in a few off the shoulder tops (totally on my wish list) and asymmetrical skirts showing off the knees and you get how Tibi does sexy.

From the runway.

TibiF-W2014(web)-19 TibiF-W2014(web)-20

The prefect black boot.TibiF-W2014(web)-21 TibiF-W2014(web)-22 TibiF-W2014(web)-23 TibiF-W2014(web)-24 TibiF-W2014(web)-25

This navy blue top is on my wish list for fall…as are the dark stained lips.  Love.TibiF-W2014(web)-26 TibiF-W2014(web)-27

Back Stage

TibiF-W2014(web)-2 More boots I want.

TibiF-W2014(web)-7 TibiF-W2014(web)-6 TibiF-W2014(web)-5  TibiF-W2014(web)-8 TibiF-W2014(web)-18 TibiF-W2014(web)-17 TibiF-W2014(web)-16 TibiF-W2014(web)-15 TibiF-W2014(web)-14 TibiF-W2014(web)-13 TibiF-W2014(web)-12 TibiF-W2014(web)-11 TibiF-W2014(web)-10 TibiF-W2014(web)-9


NYFW here I come!

February 8, 2014

I am sneaking off for a super quick trip to New York for Fashion Week and I couldn’t be more excited.  A little inspiration, some fashion frenzy, time to myself in a hotel room and a dinner with my cousin has me psyched.  Except for my own fashion dilemma…what to wear?!?!  I know one will be looking at me with the models, designers, fashionistas and street style starts, but I still want to looks chic or at the very least not look completely out of place.  Although at almost 6 months pregnant (I am in that…not quite looking crazy prego…just looking fat phase) and freezing temperatures my “cute” wardrobe choices are very limited.  So I have decided to just go all black, and thankfully I discovered Storq which is a new line of maternity staples.  The fabric is a super soft, comfortable cotton.  Perfect for the train and getting around.  They even use an actual pregnant model, not someone with a fake belly.  I ordered the size up they suggested and the tops seem a little big but I guess I will get bigger and the cotton may shrink upon washing.  I’ll let you know.

Packing photo 3

Me giving my best “don’t sit next to me on the train” look…it didn’t work.  Crowded train.photo 2My Storq package.

photo 1The essentials for comfort.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.38.12 AMI don’t normally do these types of mood/inspiration boards on the blog, but I was putting this together for myself (yes, I can be a planning/design nerd) and decided to share it with you all.  Getting dresses each day can be such a chore, but getting dressed while pregnant can be a nightmare.  So here it is: What I am going to wear:NYFW20141. Mason coat I got on the Net-a-Porter end of season sale. 2. Ella Moss for A Pea in the Pod pleather top. 3. Statements earrings. I got a similar pair last year from this company. (With a big belly, I feel a statement necklace is too much, so I am going to opt for earrings) 4. Etro scarf my aunt handed down to me a few years ago. (one of my most favorite accessories.) 5. Delicate rings. (again, a big belly has me scaling down on the jewelry) 6. Leather leggings. I had some Christmas returns to Neiman Marcus and got myself these!  Yeeeeee!!!! 7. Booties (the were on sale in the store awhile ago, but the website shows them full price.  Don’t know why.) 8. Camera bag (Stylish and functional.  I have had this bag for a while.  Love it.)

P.S. Three of these items, and like half of wardrobe, has basically been sourced from my friend and fabulous blogger Elements of Style.  She will do her Fashion Friday posts, I’ll usually lust after some items for a few months (years in the case of the leather leggings) and then wait for them to go on sale.

P.P.S. I may or may not share a selfie of the final look.  It depends if I feel like a whale or not. :)

Birthday Party Time!

February 7, 2014

Sweet little bébé turned 2 yesterday. (I guess I need to come up with another blog nick name for her as she is not so “bébé” any more.)  We decided to just do a little family dinner at home, but I of course couldn’t help myself with the decorations.  My mother practically burst out laughing when she saw the whole set up of my “low key” dinner, but birthdays are special and I wanted her 2nd birthday to be magical.  Plus as a photographer I am always playing “photo shoot.”

The day before her birthday we got about a foot of snow. School was canceled so we got to bake her birthday cake together.  With a February date, these snow day birthdays may become a tradition and I welcome it.  We stayed in our PJ’s until noon, baking, decorating and playing.  It was so special.


2ndBirthdayParty-2 2ndBirthdayParty-3 2ndBirthdayParty-4 2ndBirthdayParty-5




2ndBirthdayParty-6 2ndBirthdayParty-7 2ndBirthdayParty-8 2ndBirthdayParty-9 2ndBirthdayParty-10 2ndBirthdayParty-11 2ndBirthdayParty-12 2ndBirthdayParty-13 2ndBirthdayParty-15 2ndBirthdayParty-16 2ndBirthdayParty-17 2ndBirthdayParty-18

It’s still here-winter

February 4, 2014

Over the years writing this this blog (since Dec ’08, can you believe it) I have come to collect a whole category of winter posts.  Inspiration, self preservation, call it what you will, I keep trying to Pollyanna the winters here in my new home.  Winter in the country is really the best.  Nature shines and sparkles, but winter in the city can get gray and gross fast.  It’s hard to find beauty in dirty sidewalks and salt on your gorgeous leather boots you bought in September, but yesterday I found myself caught (totally unprepared…guess I should read the weather prediction) down at my studio and found those first few hours of a snow covered city quiet and lovely.  These images aren’t particularly overwhelming or amazing.  Just a quite winter Monday in February.  Christmas is long gone, but spring is not yet here.  Quietly waiting.

Someone who always make winter look chic is the Bersa Boutique blog.  Located on a small island off of Sweden her images of life and her shop are very clean, very country, very Swedish.  I always pop over to her blog to see how lovely winter can be…even if I can’ read it.

FortPointFeb2014-1 FortPointFeb2014-2

Sick of being sick

January 30, 2014

I was doing so well with posting and being all inspired and then this every present cold came back around to kick my ass.  I have either had about 15 different colds since the fall or one big long one that subsides and them comes back.  I am sure it is due to pregnancy low immunity and all those lovely toddler germs in my life, but I am sick of it.  I’m trying to pull out all the stops: tea, eating all those power, high antioxidant foods, Netty pot, Emergency C, you name it.  I am determined to be well.  Until then, this is may work from home scene.  Don’t want to subject the studio to my super germs.


Also, a shout out to all my Atlanta friends and family.  What a week!  I am glad you all are safe and sound.  My mom even took in a stranded traveler for the night and there are still abandoned cars on their street.  Crazy!  Love to you all.  xoxo

This weekend the hubs and I left the toddler with grammy and grampy and headed up to beautiful Vermont for a weekend getaway.  It is so important, especially once children enter the picture, to spend time with just your spouse.  No other couples, parties, commitments, just some alone time to catch up on each others lives.  We visited Woodstock, VT a few years ago and just fell in love with it, and the Blue Horse Inn.  Here are my posts from a few years back.  The Inn is run by a former Georgia girl and fabulous cook Keri Cole.  The place is cozy, comfortable and did I mention the food?!?!  Our two breakfasts there consisted of a gruyere cheese egg soufflé, lemon ricotta pancakes (gluten free for me), some amazing apple crumble coffee cake (again gluten free) and french pressed coffee.  I could get use to that treatment, although my waistline may disagree.

Our weekend was spent taking scenic drives to find a snowshoe trail (no downhill skiing for this pregnant lady this year), napping, talking and oh, did I mention the eating.  Woodstock reminds me a lot of Boulder, CO in that the place is a foodie town.  Shops and restaurants pride themselves in serving local sourced food of the best quality.  It was a great weekend.  Now off to order a salad for lunch.

We got lost looking for a snowshoe trail, but the drive was half the fun.


Keri recommended The Worthy Kitchen for dinner and the food was fabulous.  You just have to get down their ordering system.  I think you have to order up at the bar and then take a table…I can’t say I totally know it, so just walk in and ask. Definitely a local place but they are so kind and the food is sooooooooo good.

VermontWinter2014-2 VermontWinter2014-3

On our way out of town we stopped by the Woodstock Farmers Market to stock up on some weekly items and a few local treats.  Cheese and syrup galore.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Monday morning is here with a bang.  At least the arctic temperatures have subsisted for at one day.

Snow Day

January 23, 2014

We got another round of snow yesterday, although not too bad, just 3-4 inches (oh God I sound like a New Englander now!), but there was worry it would be much more so schools and appointments were canceled, and that meant we had an official snow day!  My first as a mom with a little one in school.  Pre-school mind you, but still.  We stayed in our PJ’s all morning, watched The Little Mermaid, and I had a dear old friend come and visit for a late lunch while the little one napped.  It actually turned out to be quite a wonderful, rejuvenating day, creatively and family wise.  I even had a chance to pop out with my camera.  Two New Years’ resolutions realized in one day…spend more quality time with my daughter and get inspired creatively.  Thanks Beyond Boston Chic for the conversation and inspiration.  xoxo

Succulents make great winter flowers.  Hard to kill and have the crisp clean feel of winter.IMG_6638IMG_6634

 IMG_6624 IMG_6628

View from my kitchen windowIMG_6629

Winter light



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